Starborne October 2017 Test Release

Profile Pictures

You can now choose a profile picture to represent you in game! You can choose from a fixed set of pictures and if you’ve bought the special offers in this or last Alpha, you can choose them as well. Acquiring new random pictures through play or purchases will come later.

Strategic Points

Earth wants you to claim terra-compatible planets! Grand Terrestrial Planets now count as Strategic Points, as they are coveted real estate for Earth’s colonization effort. Alliances are now ranked by the number of Strategic Points their members hold. Will your alliance be the one to gain the most favour from Earth?

Scout sabotage

Disabling outposts has been completely overhauled. Scouts now have a new ability, Sabotage! To disable enemy outposts you now use Scout fleets to sabotage them. Scouts docked at the station owning the outpost will defend against the Sabotage. This change adds a whole new dimension to warfare, with Scouts now playing a much more prominent role. Use them to Sabotage an enemy Capital Ship Assembly to destroy all ongoing production, or to disable a key Habitation Dome to knock the enemy out of supply just before your attack lands!

Map information

We are putting a lot of effort into improving the information visualization of the map. Player empires and alliances are emphasized better, especially in a new view mode, Political Mode. You also have better control over what information to display. But there’s more! We’re also adding information to what you see on the map, such as highlighting the biggest battles and recently destroyed stations. This allows players to better keep up with the ever-changing political landscape and helps them in making strategic plans.

NPC loot

NPCs have seen some refactoring, their naming scheme is now more streamlined and defeated NPCs now drop loot! The loot is tied to actually fighting the NPC forces, not just raiding an empty station. We’ve also added two new special NPC types with very strong defenses, that drop the cards that unlock the buildings required for Heavy Ship Assembly and Capital Ship Assembly. This will be the only way to get these cards, they no longer drop as random loot and cannot be crafted.


Alliances will receive a much needed overhaul. Among changes is a role system where alliance leaders can create roles for their members and name them as they see fit. The roles can have actual authority associated with them, such as inviting players to alliance or set alliance rivalry. Alliances can also more easily identify each other on the map by painting other alliances so they are more easily seen by alliance members.


Mercenaries are a new type of card you can receive as bonus loot in Terran caches. Mercenaries help you to do Events. Mercenaries either reduce the pending time of an inactive Event or complete an active one. There are five variations of Mercenaries, higher rarity Mercenaries reduce pending time more or can complete higher level Events.


Accelerants are a new type of card you can receive as bonus loot in Lunar caches. Accelerants can be used to reduce the construction time in a station’s building queue. There are five variations of Accelerants, higher rarity Accelerant reduce the construction time more.

Brokers and Resource Exchange

Brokers are a new type of card you can receive as bonus loot in Martian caches. Brokers are used when you’re exchanging resources at a station. This is a new feature, where players can exchange one type of resource (like Metal) for one of the other two (Gas and Crystal in this case). The normal conversion ratio is 4:1, but if you use a Broker you get a conversion rate of 1:1. There are five variations of Brokers, higher rarity Brokers allow more resources to be exchanged at the favorable ratio.