Change log – Starborne version


-NPC respawn timers are now the same for all NPCs. Defenders will reappear between 24 and 48 hours after being completely wiped.
-Added descriptions to the Isotope cards and the Warhead Specialist card how players obtain these cards.
-Stargate’s max radius is now 4 hexes, letting the Traffic Control Tower card work as intended.
-Armed Drones card now has correct prestige costs.
-Place of Worship card now has correct prestige costs.
-Habitation Dome’s description corrected to 120 labor per level. Previously it erroneously stated 150 labor per level.
-Mining Colony erroneously referred to a Mining Facility in its description instead of itself, this has been corrected.
-The Solar Panels and Core Schematics cards’ resource yield has now been corrected to their path’s primary resource (they were swapped).
-Corrected the primary resource for outposts. Previously outposts were selecting the wrong resource as a primary resource due to a formula error (blame Snoogms). Outposts now correctly select their primary resource depending on their building path affiliation.
-Miner’s Guild card’s bonus increased to 30%, up from 15%.
-Fleet Cadet duration increased to 48 hours, up from 24.
-Expedited stations make-up now explained in its policy’s tooltip.
-Harness the Stars IV policy no longer gives Commerce Hubs 1 radius, this was a leftover feature from the before times.
-Scanner no longer receives an HP boost when augmented, this too is a leftover from the before times.
-Fixed empty reward for “Deal 50000 Damage in a Single Battle” and “Destroy 500 Ships” achievements.
-Fixed reward for “Deal 5000 Damage as Defender” achievement.
-Fixed some typos and descriptions in Tasks.
-Culling inactive players is now reinstated. You will now start to see inactive players being removed from the game and their starting positions therefore become open letting more new players into the server.


-Search function next to the avatar to search for players has been removed. Players now search for othe players in Politics > Players.
-Small polishes to the context menu for map interactions.
-Added loading screen to refresh server list.
-Chat is no longer deselected after sending a message.
-Clicking player portraits in chat now opens politics panel as was always intended.
-Allowed CTRL+H to hide the entire UI again. Screenshots away!


-Cannot move uncraftable fleet and station cards back to inventory.
-“Complete All Daily Challenges” is counting all completed challenges instead of sets.
-“Destroy X ships” trigger fixed.
-Game momentarily freezes when upgrading a building from level 9 to 10.
-Breadcrumbs missing from Messages panel.
-Alliance application list is filled with people which cannot join my alliance
-Removed all applications from empires in alliances on server startup and now they get removed when empires join an alliance.
-Crash and memory leak fixes:
-Reverted cell painters to before the aggressive memory savings.
-Fleet movements do not allocate per frame anymore.
-Turned off Dyson Sphere particle system.
-Several bugs in mission discovery fixed.
-Fixed chat bug where players with over 10 open channels couldnt chat.
-Accepting applications now triggers alliance joined achievement.
-Fixed nullcheck in combat reports.
-An empire’s alliance invites and applications should now be culled when an empire is removed.
-Discovery entries for missions when empires are removed now works properly.
-Discovery entries for outposts when empires are removed now works properly.
-Discovery entries for probes when empires are removed now works properly.


-Tweaked lighting of planets.
-Tweaked the brightness of white dwarves and Dyson Spheres.
-Added outline to objects in resource view mode (similar to exploration view mode).
-Removed buggy cloud on ice and gas hexes and replaced with particle effects.
-Tweaked lighting on metal resource fields.
-Tweaked lighting on harvester & cargo drones.
-Tweaked exploration hint colours.
-God-rays on Dyson Spheres were off center and were fixed.


-Listing games in client should now be oh-so-fast.
-Unexpected API exceptions are now logged.
-API calls made a little faster.
-Unspent Commander Packs from Alpha VII have been converted to 80 plat and deposited in accounts of applicable players.
-Admins can now safely log into the server as GMs and can therefore restore order to the galaxy.


-All ten songs now play sequentially. I will be taking random polls to check if people have listened to them … there could be consequences if you’ve not!


-Updated with various minor tweaks.


See you on the frontier!