Change log – Starborne version


– Removed timeout while requesting data.
– Server operations relating to logins have been given new kicks and now run much faster.
– Requesting data steps are now displayed.
– Optimization for the GetStations call resulting in much faster data retrieval for stations.
– Optimization for the GetEmpires call resulting in much faster data retrieval for empires.
– Fixed a bug in server startup where alliance IDs were removed from alliance empires.


– Spinal Crux now correctly gives 50% increased resources instead of 25%.
–  Isotope Converter removed from the “Reach level 50” task.
–  Updated the shipyard descriptions of the vice versa penalties. It now correctly states that the 50% penalty is applied to both firepower and hit points.
–  Alliance station build bug fixed.
– The role that allows players to pick up units from the AS hangar only works for those that have the Industrialization V policy. Anyone with the role should be able to pick up units regardless of their policy choices.
– Subterfuge II now gives correctly increases the spy roll to 1-40.
– Covert op tooltip fixed.
-Tooltips for tactics updated.
– Second tooltip for outpost mouse hover is now fixed and should appear properly regardles of your window focus.
– Fixed a bug that allowd players to transfer untis directly to allied stations, they can now only transfer to the alliance station and only via the policies.
– Also removed call to SaveStrandedFleets because method was throwing a nullref in startup process during the monday-midnight fiesta.
– Build Station movements can no longer finish if the destination hex is already owned by another player, players will no longer have weird interactions when the destination hex for a new station changes ownership while station build movement is enroute.
– Political view mode now has outlines around map objects for clarity.


– Reduced memory demand in the client by reducing the allocations per frame for probes.
– Scan results are now correctly displayed, you can now find missions properly.
– Scan mover now has a precalculated scan strength. This is to prevent players from boosting scan strength after the fleet has left the station. Scan strength is now the max value of all selected fleets so stacking scouts is no longer viable.


Culling of inactive players re-implemented, players are now culled according to these rules:
– Being logged out for four hours having not built a single building ever: removed from game.
– Being logged out for three days while total influence is below 60: removed from game.
– Being logged out for one week while total influence is above 60: converted to NPC.