Changelog ?

Patch – 2o. December


-Minutiae now additionally lowers the resource and time cost of all buildings by 10%.
-Imperialistic policies:
-National Guard is now implemented.
-Augmented Outposts V implemented, go wild!
-Added the Change Avatar achievement.
-Developer’s note: to reduce the steps from installation until you start to play, we have removed the requirement of changing your avatar when you first create an account and added this task instead.
-Scheduler improved.
-Fake attacks can now be scheduled.
-The movement ui now lists the origination station as the owner of the movement, not the player who launched the movement.
-Strategic Division building overhaul, it now reads:
-At level 1 your empire’s covert operative pool is increased by 1.
-Covert operatives have a 1 hour cool down period after being used.
-Newly acquired covert operatives need to cool down before they become available for use.
-[Scouts | Recons] defending this station or its outposts against sabotage gain [ 4 | 20 ] firepower per building level.


-Sector crests are now displayed at high zoom levels on the map.
-Players can now see the contents of their alliance members’ movements in the movement ui and the 3D models on movement lines on the map. Much wow!
-Gunships now have their station bombing stat displayed in the shipyard.
-The welcome messages that’s displayed to everyone on first log in (and is in the ‘?’ button) has been updated to include a link to the
-The explanatory texts in the Politics>Overview UI have been updated with the correct information after the Dyson Sphere got patched.


-Fixed a bug where mission hints would disappear when hints were updated the first time after logging in.
-Fixed a bug where hints would not be updated correctly as more of them were revealed.
-Fixed a bug that let culled players keep their server inventory when they rejoined the game.
-Fixed a bug that prevented freighting if max resources were being sent.
-Fixed a bug in the exchange ui that caused the selected station to jump to the capital station after an exchange is completed. Selected station now stays put.
-Fixed a bug that caused queue build timers to go off over time.
-Fixed res cost for AS and DS that was glitched for a couple of levels.
-Bellicose Industries’ tooltip fixed to state 150% instead of 50%.
-Scanners now properly affect stations beyond their original 3 hex range.
-Updated the description on Barricades concerning plunder.
-Avatar level 100 is now the last level to award policy points. Players should have 45 policy points at most.
-Developers note: Unfortunately we can not remove gained policy points at this point. Some players on server 1 will have extra points. Developers would like to appeal to the honor code of these players to assign no more than 45 policy points.
-Fixed a bug that was preventing players from logging in.
-Fixed a bug that allowed players to claim task rewards into stations they do not own.
-Notifications on one server are no longer displayed on other servers.
-Fixed a bug that caused double clicking on the construction/upgrade buttons for buildings to send the information twice.
-Fixed a bug that caused destroyed NPCs to respawn on server restart.


-Fixed a bug preventing servers from starting up.
-Sped up the retreival of chat channels considerably.

Additional Changes

-Fixed Dyson Sphere and Aliance station’s buildings costs.
-Previously the starting warehouse cap for these structures was too low to build level 1 warehouses, making it so that clever players could bomb the warehouses rendering alliances and coalitions unable to build anything.
-Fixed a bug in the Dyson Sphere where the Magazine and Ring Structure resource costs were switched.
-Fixed State of the Art policies to give correct amounts.
-Jade Lotus speed bonus raised to 4, up from 1.
-The ‘Change Avatar’ task is not in, it was erroneously included in the previous patch notes.
-The correction to fake attack ownership in the Movements UI did not work as intended and is skipped.
-The fix for lingering alliance applications did not work as intended and is skipped

Patch – 7. December


-Armed Drones now gives a 50% harvest bonus to Missile Batteries but does not scale with the outpost’s level.
-Bellicose Industries now gives a 150% harvest bonus to Missile Batteries but does not scale with the outpost’s level.


-Changed the description of raid combat rounds in several tasks that erroneously said raids consisted of a single combat round while they in fact take 3 rounds just like assaults.
-Updated the description of Rule of Law policies to stipulate defensive ships.
-Barricades building description updated to correctly state 2% HP per level.
-Remove the “and cards” clause from Astro Farm as it was erroneously included.


-Subterfuge 1 now properly gives 5 spy defense to stations.
-Civic Intelligence now properly gives 20 spy defense to its station.
-Strike Command Plunder bonus now correctly only works for operting fleets, not supplied.


-Fixed a bug causing players to log in with placeholder values.


-Bonuses on the condition of being a defender, such the Strategic Division building and the National Guard policies are currently not working. This effect is being worked on, expect it in the patch after this one. Strategic Division is also being overhauled with regards to the outpost hit point changes (it will no longer give HP to defenders but will have it’s firepower bonus increased significantly).

Patch – 30. November


-NEW 1 2 3 4 5
-MB/SC/MF 8,000 16,000 24,000 32,000 40,000
-FO/SG/CH 24,000 48,000 72,000 96,000 120,000
-NB/HD/MC 72,000 144,000 216,000 288,000 360,000
-Assemblies 216,000 432,000 648,000 864,000 1,080,000
-OLD 1 2 3 4 5
-MB/SC/MF 2,500 5,000 10,000 20,000 40,000
-FO/SG/CH 5,000 25,000 100,000 300,000 600,000
-NB/HD/MC 7,500 37,500 150,000 450,000 900,000
-Assemblies 12,000 60,000 240,000 720,000 1,440,000
-Developer’s note. Currently the high hit point values on outposts are preventing Machiavellian players from entering the game until very late and rendering their roles as saboteurs irrelevant in the early to mid-game. Note that the first levels might have increased hit points, this should not adversely affect Machi players as by the time ESA expires there should’ve been plenty of time to create enough scouts to take out the lower levels. It is the higher levels of the outposts that have been lowered considerably.


-Ring Structure (10 levels)
-Your confederacy needs to own 4 or more Grand Terrestrial hexes to unlock this building (these GTs can be in any sector).
-Increases the fleet operating limit of the Dyson Sphere by 7 per level.
-Dyson Shell (40 levels)
-Your confederacy needs to own 8 or more Grand Terrestrial hexes to unlock this building (these GTs can be in any sector).
-When the game ends, confederacies gain 1 Victory Point for each Grand Terrestrial hex they own.
-In addition, each Grand Terrestrial hex that is in the same sector as this Dyson Sphere grants 0.1 Victory Points to your confederacy per level of this building.
-Game ends when any confederacy completes this building or the game time runs out.”
-Magazine (10 levels)
-Your confederacy needs to own 2 or more Grand Terrestrial hexes to unlock this building (these GTs can be in any sector).
-Increases the maximum amount of each resource the Dyson Sphere can store.
-Federal Court (2 levels)
-Your confederacy needs to own 7 or more Grand Terrestrial hexes to unlock this building (these GTs can be in any sector).
-Increases the number of alliances allowed in your confederacy by 1 per level.
-Some facts:
-Total time cost: 35 days.
-Total resource cost: 600,000,000.
-Total HP: 15,000,000.
-Starting member count: 2 alliances.
-Dyson Spheres can not be destroyed but their buildings can be.
-You can level up your alliance station regardless of your alliance’s current affiliation.
-If you belong to a confederacy nothing happens when you fully level your alliance station’s Anchor Command building.
-If you leave your confederacy you’ll need to reconstruct lvl40 of the Anchor Command to activate unlock the Dyson Sphere and create a confederacy (provided it’s not been activated by another alliance already).


-Particle Accelerator, Fusion Reactor, Warhead Factory now have Hit Points (25.000) and hence are destructible.
-Fixed card icon bugs where they would not show properly or be rendered in low resolution.
-Fixing a bug where Display Names were invalid even when API allowed the username.
-Fixed bug causing the camera to become stuck after interacting with Events and when switching stations.
-A member joining/creating an alliance is now displayed as online, instead of displaying an absurdly big number.
-Fixed a bug that allowed players to have multiple companies active in a single station.
-Fixed a bug that cause the Commerce Hub to generate prestige even while disabled.
-Fixed a bug where a the card Filtration Installation that affects the radius of the Habitation Dome outpost was not being applied correctly.
-Users under ESA protection were unable to launch a fake attack on NPCs. They can now.
-Roll a duplicate/triplicate/quadruplicate challenges achievement trigger now works again.
-Multiple copies of a module card showed up as a single card in spy reports. They now show all cards. (Overtime, Armed Garrisson etc.)
-Mission hints were carried over when switching servers. Fixed.
-Fixed a bug that caused the selected daily reward when entering the daily rewards tab to be in the next week if it’s the last day of the current week.
-Daily Reward indicator on the left side of the store panel was always 0. Should now display the correct number of unclaimed free rewards.
-Alliance members now have the correct vision state of other alliance member’s outposts.
-Fleets returning from movements under the effect of a Navy Base now use the Navy Base’s cap properly.


-Joining a server:
-Servers are now not interactable if the server is full and you do not have an active player on that server.
-Sector list now properly displays full sectors as non-interactable.
-Added a game progress meter to each server listed.
-Exchange, Transfer and Station Management panels now have the station icons instead of blank stuff + they’re fluffed up a bit.
-Added a failure message when registration fails due to unexpected error.
-Settings panel now correctly shows resolutions which have different refresh rate than currently selected.


-A plethora of analyticals were added to several aspects of the game, analytical bugs fixed and backend analytical implementations.
-Added logs during Player creation to try and figure out where problems are occurring duing this process.


-Pyroprocessing now correctly gives 17% resources instead of 12.5%.


Patch – 21. November


-Daily limit of low- and medium tier accelerants raised from 3 and 1 to 5 and 3 respectively.
-Weekly limit of high tier accelerants raised from 1 to 2.
-Daily limit of medium and high tier brokers raised from 3 to 5.
-Halved the platinum cost of all accelerants.
-Halved the platinum cost of all brokers.
-Commander Overhaul (x10) platinum cost reduced from 120 to 80.
-Replaced the Armed Garrison card in the progression rewards with the Salvage Team card.
-Progression rewards now award 3 instances of an accelerant, up from 1.
-Progression rewards now award 5 instances of a crux, up from 3.
-Daily Premium rewards now award 3 instances of a crux or broker, up from 1.
-Daily Premium rewards now alternate between accelerants and brokers and award a Diamond Nanorod on the 7th day of each week.

Developer’s note: Starborne is still in alpha stages, and the store is no exception to its ongoing development. We felt that the price points were a too high and that the value of purchases wasn’t as good as we would like it to be. It is our earnest intention that paying customers feel they get their money’s worth and purchasing in Starborne is a pleasant experience. To reinforce this opinion of ours existing users will be credited 20 plat for every EUR/USD spent on in-game purchases on the Alpha 1 server.


-Navy Base’s base radius of influence increased to 3, up from 2.
-Gunship time cost reduced to 90 minutes, down from 120 minutes.
-Metal, gas and crystal production building changes:
-The output per level for the first 10 levels reworked to put them in-line with the game’s new costs vs. returns paradigm.
-Old distribution: 12 17 23 32 44 60 81 108 143 189.
-New distribution: 3 9 19 32 49 70 95 125 160 200.
-Culling rules updated:
-Players logging in for the first time are now culled if they build no buildings and are logged out for 6 hours.
-A player whose empire is under 60 influence and is logged out for 3 days gets culled.
-Starting locations now have a 7 day lifetime, meaning new players can only be assigned to a starting location for 7 days after it first was settled.
-A No-build radius added to stars. Players can no longer build stations or outposts within a 1 hex radius of a star.
-Fake movements can now be set to simulate to be under the influence of a Navy Base.
-Changed the way items on cooldown are counted. You can no longer remove/add a spy/augmentation point to reset their cooldowns. This has the effect that players acquiring spies/augmentation points will have to wait for them to complete their cooldown before using them.


-Stuck fleets:
-Automatic removal of corrupt movement IDs improved but will not release already stuck fleets.
-Players can now type /unstuck into chat to remove corrupt movement IDs from fleets. Stuck fleets become availble for use again in the station they last departed from.
-Reconnect button that appears after losing connection now works again.
-Reveal hidden resources in spy reports fixed, you now see the correct amount of resources.
-Fixed a bug preventing player lists in politics UI to not be refreshed.
-Fixed a bug that allowed players could start an event even if there was one active already.


-Fixed some outdated achievement description text referencing obsolete values and mechanics.

Patch – 11. November


-Daily challanges task texts erroneously talked about free rolls, this was part of earlier designs and is no longer applicable. These description texts have now been updated.
-“My Position” button in politics now works.
-Incoming attacks are now red notifications.
-Level up progression bar now spots xp from achievements.
-“Alliances” politics tab […] button now disappears if you hover away from it.
-Fake options added to the Sabotage, Deploy and Raid movement types.
-Sabotage Station trigger now increments when sabotaging a station.
-Bombing a station achievement now triggers for NPCs.
-Map contextual menu displaying arrows on two sides now fixed.
-Card UI for alliance stations removed. It was never supposed to be there. You should remove any cards now before the patch.


-You can no longer have multiple queues of Gunships by moving the Warhead Specialist card around.
-Subterfuge I and Belligernece I now reveal hidden resources.
-Augment and operative cooldowns are now still in effect when an augment point or an operative is removed from an empire. This means you can no longer refresh augment points or operatives by removing/adding them to your empire by any mean.


-Fixed a bug that required players to relog to update other player’s docking rights.
-Referring players should now getting their commission packages but now do.
-Fixed a bug that caused the settings menu to sometimes shows nothing in the resolution drop down.
-Industrial fleets that can not execute a station build when they land should now get a return movement properly.


-Fixed a bug that caused stars to be missing.
-Reapplied political view mode line renderer