Patch a10.8 – Change Log

In today’s patch, we’re enabling the resetting of policies.
Some things to be aware of:

  • You reset a policy by pressing the ‘reset’ button on that policy in the Upgrade Policy tab.
  • If you reset a policy that’s currently being researched any progress made is forgone.
  • If you start to research a policy that has the reset option the reset option is removed.
  • When a policy is reset, Research Grants that equal the time spent on a policy are deposited into your account inventory.

Because we can’t access account inventory on Space Flu you’ll not see them anywhere except when you press the beaker button to apply them.

User Interface

  • Additional animations and refactoring for policy panel drag and drop.
  • Reset button for policies when eligible.
  • Level bar updates on claimed XP and tooltip updated for unavailable ETA
  • Loading sequence improvements


  • Raised the resource capacity for the Magazine building in Dyson Spheres for levels 8-10 so all other building levels can now be built.
  • Raised the resource capacity for the Century Warehouse building in Alliance Stations for level 6-10 so all other building levels can now be built.
  • Tweaked XAOC NPCs station buildings.


  • Scheduled movements should now be in sync regardless of locally set client times.
  • Shipyard panel updates with new build times when premium runs out
  • Fixed a bug with player-driven policy resets.
  • Fixed bug where changing fleet supplier would not update supply for stations
  • Fixed bug for large chat messages reloading with shifted alignment.
  • Fixed bug where resource capacity would not update when the station was upgraded.
  • Fixed a bug building cost showing buildings as affordable when they were not
  • Alliance Stations now have spy defense for levels 5 and 6 (which was preventing players from spying them). Alliance Stations’ spy defense is 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 per level 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
  • Fixed the description for Gunships in the Shipyard.
  • Having freighters in a return movement no longer breaks login.
  • Policies:
    • Fixed Keep the Vigil to increase bonus per level instead of decrease it.
    • Fixed Scramble to properly apply the described labor penalty.
    • Fixed Attack Doctrine to specify assaulting and raiding instead of attacking.
    • Viva La Revolution! and Patrol Routes now apply their unit time discount.
  • Buildings:
    • National Defense Center now increases hit points for carriers instead of firepower.
    • Ministry of Propaganda level 2 now gives 10% TC speed instead of 50%.
    • Federate Manufacturers now applies its unit time discount.
    • Fixed type-o in building name Special Investigations Office.
    • Fixed Nightcorps description erroneously stating it was still giving 10 spy defense per level instead of 3 per level.
    • Removed redundant text from all Forward Operating Base buildings.
  • Outposts:
    • Heavy and Capital Ship Assemblies now apply their unit time discount.
  • Cards:
    • AP Rounds and HVAP Rounds no longer additionally apply the heavy ship bonuses along with the capital ship bonus to capital fleets.
    • Fixed short description of Mumei Nakamura to include the operating limit bonus.
    • Fixed flavor text of Place of Worship.