Starborne: Deadzone Tournament Streams

Starborne Dead Zone Logo

This weekend we are unleashing our very first public playtest of Starborne: Deadzone! The new and exciting 4-hour mode of Starborne, played by 25 hopeful Commanders to conquer a radiation riddled sector of the Galaxy.

We will be launching 5 consecutive servers at 16:00 GMT on Saturday the 27th of June with a Finalé server at the same time on Sunday the 28th. The top five players from all Saturday’s games will pass through into the final showdown on Sunday where the victor will have a chance to contribute to the lore of the Starborne universe!

A lot of players (and possibly a couple of devs) will be streaming their version of events.

Click here to browse by category to see all the streamers who are definitely streaming:

And below a list of all individual players who should be streaming!