Alpha 9 - Your Adventure Awaits

Our most ambitious release to date.

Peak behind the curtain

See into our development cave in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Conquer Enemy Bases

A new ship is coming to the frontier. The Troop Carrier, a black ops vessel operated by an elite strike team. If the carrier is able to land on an enemy station it will quickly overcome it and bring it under your control.

Align your Empire with Factions

Player empires now have the freedom to align with, one of the currently active, NPC factions of the frontier. These organizations have different strengths and weaknesses. It’s up to you if you will show them loyalty unto the end or will you realign your loyalties often to capture every advantage.


This is a complete overhaul of the earlier policy system introduced in Alpha 8.

Time and space are not the limit

Alliances can now construct massive supercarriers.  These Forward Operating Bases are equipped with warp cores which when charged can tear through time and space, jumping into hostile territory with a battle-ready armada.

8 weeks of action

For this iteration, we wanted to ensure that every week is packed with content. The shorter game round will also allow us to iterate faster and ensure that Starborne improves faster as we approach open beta.

Encouraging Expansion

Among the things that have been done to incentivize expansion are: Removal of fleet labor supply penalties. Enhanced station claim radius. Cheaper ship cost.  Stations claim resources from all resource-field within their claim.

Self-Flying Freighters

Stations can create a new outpost, the Trading Port. Allowing freighters to set up automatic resource streams from one station to another.

And so much more

A lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into this release. We are incredibly proud of the result and are looking forward to having you play and sharing your thoughts.


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