Patch b2.16 – Change Log

Changed Scrolling the mouse wheel whilst in the focus mode will return back to the RTS controlled camera but in the current position Added alliance name and sector name in empire side profile section Added sector name in alliance side profile section Added more descriptive alliance errors when creating an alliance Added placeholder memo when

Patch b2.15 – Change Log

New Added Alliance Crests to Combat Reports of Alliance Assaults Split Notifications about captured Special Effect hexes from generic Strategic hex notifications. Added Alliance Crests to Station widgets. Double click to unfocus movement and return to RTS camera controls while in the focus movement camera view. Mission and Solar Flare widgets view mode visibility is

Patch b1.14 – Change Log

New Notifications now have timestamps! Changed Sector names now face the same direction. Deadzone policies will not be displayed on Sovereign Space servers. Fixed Map Pin title and description no longer move outside their input fields. Fixed toggling show/hide movements on the map. Sectors without icons no longer display a black opaque square. The resource

Patch b1.13 – Change Log

New Moderators can now properly identify themselves as moderators Moderators can now censor problematic station or empire names Players get notifications when a moderator has taken action towards them Deadzone policies are now a thing. They can be seen in the policies panel. These policies can only be used in games of deadzone. Login functionality

Patch b1.12 – Change Log

Changed Store checkout dialog shows images Fixed Login reward notification stops when there are no more to claim Players that joined after patch b1.11 were not receiving purchased factions, this is now fixed. Upcoming Server: Beta #18 Removed William Chattle as a reward from the “Create or Join an Alliance” achievement.