The Speaker’s Promise

The Assembly of Peers, 05/06/2398 His steps were deliberate as he moved to the center of the Assembly Hall. His back was straight, his gaze steady. The massive chamber was arranged in tiers of seven concentric circles where the Peers of the Commonwealth were seated. He was supremely aware of their eyes upon him. Beyond

Lore: Light Sleeper

“Fire renews the forest, revolution the people.”  — May Herrera Ngo. The berth she has occupied for the better part of two Solar years is barely larger than her body, and when she lies on her back the cabin’s ceiling rests less than five centimeters from the tip of her nose. Staring into that featureless

Lore: Dissidence – Prologue

A lot of good people died today. Commander Aliyah Khan, my first officer, trapped in engineering as the plasma fires raged. Marrat Acharya, chief engineer, blown into space as the docking bay breached. 22 others at last count. Given my own injury report, I might soon be joining them. How many others, on how many