Regarding Today’s Alpha Test Email

Today we sent an email to our players to notify them of their promised rewards for participating in the Starborne Alpha. Unfortunately, this email was configured using the wrong protocols causing players to see the email addresses of up to 49 other recipients in the same batch. We reacted as soon as we noticed, immediately

Patches a10.9 to a11.5 – Change Log

Outposts Hitpoint changes: Tier 1 @ lvl 5, 118K, up from 88K. Tier 2 @ lvl 5, 242K, up from 198K. Tier 3 @ lvl 5, 598K, down from 728K. Tier 4 @ lvl 5, 792K, down from 1144K. Capital Ship Assembly @ lvl 5, 1056K, down from 1320K. Commodity cost changes: Capital Ship Assembly

Official Starborne Forums are live!

We are super excited to announce that the official Starborne forums are now live! This is the perfect opportunity, ahead of the Open Beta launch, to start scheming, theorizing and planning out your galactic conquest. We always encourage everybody to join our Discord, and that won’t stop. But we are excited to see more long-term