Starborne: Dead Zone Streams

The time has come for a second Dead Zone tournament! A four-hour mode of Starborne played out by ~24 players in each server whereby the top 4 players – ranked by claim – will progress to the final server on Sunday 26th at 16:00 GMT. Good luck to all our contestants and below you can

Starborne: Deadzone Tournament Streams

This weekend we are unleashing our very first public playtest of Starborne: Deadzone! The new and exciting 4-hour mode of Starborne, played by 25 hopeful Commanders to conquer a radiation riddled sector of the Galaxy. We will be launching 5 consecutive servers at 16:00 GMT on Saturday the 27th of June with a Finalé server

Patch b1.5 – Change Log

Changed Several gaphical tweaks. Improvements to server that will allow for better control when rebalancing the npc stations. NPC tooltips now shows estimated total power (FP+HP) of NPC defenders. NPC tooltips now stipulate correctly that respawn timers trigger on loss, not on full clearance of all defenders. NPC defender rebalance Note that the numbers given

Regarding Today’s Alpha Test Email

Today we sent an email to our players to notify them of their promised rewards for participating in the Starborne Alpha. Unfortunately, this email was configured using the wrong protocols causing players to see the email addresses of up to 49 other recipients in the same batch. We reacted as soon as we noticed, immediately

A9 – Server 3 is live!

Hello friends, as promised Server 3 is now live! Changelog available here. Some resources to start your adventures: Create your account The unofficial guide to Starborne Remember there are only 5130 starting locations on the map, so claim yours while you can! See you on the frontier, commander!