Regarding Today’s Alpha Test Email

Today we sent an email to our players to notify them of their promised rewards for participating in the Starborne Alpha. Unfortunately, this email was configured using the wrong protocols causing players to see the email addresses of up to 49 other recipients in the same batch. We reacted as soon as we noticed, immediately

Patch a11.13 – Change Log

New The Launcher will automatically upload client’s output logs when submitting bugs via the the Bug Report button! Changed Reworked Chat Panel focus. Sending a message no longer loses focus; unless the text input is empty in which case the focus is restored to the main keyboard short cut controls. Improved sizing and readability of

Patch a11.12 – Change Log

New Animated avatars can be picked and show up with animation. Rookie badge can now be earned by completing the Tutorial achievements. Map pin list shows an indicator when an alliance pin was added by another empire. Changed All store panels now have the right banner. Sizes of store side tabs are now all the

A9 – Server 3 is live!

Hello friends, as promised Server 3 is now live! Changelog available here. Some resources to start your adventures: Create your account The unofficial guide to Starborne Remember there are only 5130 starting locations on the map, so claim yours while you can! See you on the frontier, commander!

Server 3 coming next week!

We are extremely proud to announce that Server 3 will be online this coming Tuesday, December 18th! This is of course the perfect opportunity to achieve all your dreams of galactic conquest. Whether this is your first time playing or you just want a fresh start. Some resources to start your adventures: Create your account Get