Patch b1.7 – Change Log

New Map pin names, descriptions, and icons can be edited through the pin list. Operating fleet count and limit are now shown in station tooltip on Alliance Structures that belong to your alliance or Stations belonging to your allies. Wow! Changed When sending Scan movement; the stats now include both the probe radius and duration!

Patch b1.6 – Change Log

Patch goes live Tuesday May 12th. Optimization galore! Map movement and UI interaction has been greatly improved! Disabled the world camera while in full-screen UIs. The camera being enabled had a dramatic effect on interacting with these UIs (fleets, stations, inventory, station planner etc.). Removed a bunch of legacy tooltips that were being unnecessarily called

Patch b1.5 – Change Log

Changed Several gaphical tweaks. Improvements to server that will allow for better control when rebalancing the npc stations. NPC tooltips now shows estimated total power (FP+HP) of NPC defenders. NPC tooltips now stipulate correctly that respawn timers trigger on loss, not on full clearance of all defenders. NPC defender rebalance Note that the numbers given

Patch b1.4 – Change Log

New The client now supports the Cyrillic alphabet. Added a dropdown to the shipyard to select current, capital station or alliance station hangar as rally point for queued ships. Changed Only one Logistics Hub can now participate in each combat. If more than one Logistics Hub covers a station the Logistic Hub station with the

Patch b1.3 – Change Log

New Orders in queue Added an ETA to unpaid orders, estimating how long until the station will passively generate resources to pay for the order. Resources required to pay for an order are now always visible. Station billboards now also display the alliance tag of their owner. Changed Depositing units into alliance structures (AS, DS

Patch b1.2 – Change Log

New Every alliance member can now place 1 pin that the alliance can see without needing an alliance permission. Added indicators on the Top-Bar when factions are available. Added a notification when factions are available. Description added to influence bar. Avatar display shows edit icon on hover. Station name shows edit icon on hover. Changed