Patch 9.4.1 – Change Log

Hello everyone, welcome to the patch notes for Patch 9.4.1! We will be applying this patch at 1700 UTC today, so read about the bug fixes and gameplay changes below and put yourself ahead of the pack! UPDATES -Players can now disband empty fleets wherever they are. -Movement UI is now properly readable in Exploration

Change Log – Patch 9.2.3

Below are the patch notes for the new patch to Alpha 9 – Server 1! –Armed Drones are now unique. –NOTE: I would like to appeal to the honor of those that have duplicates of this card equipped to remove one of them as they are not supposed to be stacked. -Fixed the Federal Court

Change Log – 9.1.3

Major Gameplay Changes -Coalition alliance capacity changed. -Base amount of alliances you get per coalition by capturing the DS is 2. -You can construct and upgrade the Federate Court Building to increase the cap to 4 max. –Note: to prevent any coalition from simply gathering all major alliances into a single coalition, this change was

Alpha 9 Launch

The Wait is Finally Over We’re excited to announce that Alpha 9 has launched!  Join your friends – and enemies – in an epic fight for control of the galaxy! Be sure to browse over the Dev Logs and Feature Spotlights for detailed information on some of the biggest changes. For those players that are

Feature Spotlight – Trading Port

Hello, Commanders! Alpha 8 relied on heavy usage of freighters throughout the entire game. Alpha 9, however, introduces a new outpost in the Industry tree that allows players to automatically stream resources to another station. We proudly introduce the Trading Port! As with the Dev Log series, values discussed in this article may change prior