Lore: Dissidence – Prologue

A lot of good people died today. Commander Aliyah Khan, my first officer, trapped in engineering as the plasma fires raged. Marrat Acharya, chief engineer, blown into space as the docking bay breached. 22 others at last count. Given my own injury report, I might soon be joining them. How many others, on how many

First Look: Lore

Welcome to the 5th Dev Blog of our Open Beta, Commanders. Today we are unveiling what’s been brewing away in the Starborne Universe. I find myself (exOrbitant) joined by Snoogms to do most of the heavy lifting as far as unveiling goes, so buckle in, grab a coffee and get comfortable… It’s quite a read!

Adding Value to the Map

Welcome Commanders to another delicious Dev Blog for Starborne: Sovereign Space. With our Dissidence Update fast approaching on the 1st of October, we are dedicating this blog to a new feature we are very excited about: new hex effects! One of the teething problems we are tackling from previous Starborne maps was the lack of

The Music of Starborne

Solid Clouds proudly presents the debut release of the Starborne Soundtrack. It was created in collaboration with two very talented, composers Kjartan Holm and Paul Corley. Also included are the classic songs that accompanied us through our alpha stages, which surely will give our community a sense of nostalgia those lofty days before the Open