Patch 9.12.1 – Change Log

User Interface Map Operation window shows which resource requirements are fulfilled for each resource. Map Operation window shows which commodity requirement is fulfilled for each commodity. New Fleet dialog shows {total number of fleets}/{cap}. Tab key can be used to switch between time units (hh:mm:ss) when scheduling. Assault on an alliance member no shows a warning similar to any

Patch 9.11.1 – Change Log

User Interface Operation panel now has new information for scanning and running missions. Beginner protection station tooltip now says “Beginner protected…” instead of “ESA protected…” Added new icons below player avatar for beginner protection and premium permit timer. Radial menu now has a better color scheme and fix for some items that should be disabled.

Patch 9.10.1 – Change Log

User Interface Settings Panel now appears on ‘escape’ press optimized and updated design added FPS Limiter option Changed max fleets tooltip text and color when the button is inactive Changed button text for movements when no fleet is selected Swapped cancel and confirm buttons on rename station (to stay consistent over the whole UI) Gameplay

Patch 9.9.2 – Change Log

User Interface Adjusted the color scheme for the political map mode. Fleet experience from bombing is now included in combat reports. Radial menu highlights available outposts. “Cannot afford buildings/ships … add to queue” pop up text changed Freight movements now have a tooltip showing their ETA Gameplay / Balance Added Game Limit for Server Card Offers. There

Patch 9.8.1 – Change Log

Hello everyone, and welcome to the change log for Patch 9.8.1! The changes are as followed: Outposts – Damaged/inoperational/out-of-supply missile batteries & fortresses are excluded from combat. – Fleets that are out of supply do not join combat as fortress interceptors. – Scouts participate in combat as fortress interceptors in Assaults, Raids & Sabotages –

Patch 9.7.1 – Change Log

Below are the complete patch notes for Patch 9.7.1 which will be applied today at 1530 UTC. Troop Carrier -IP cost raised to 12 points, up from 10 points. -Resource cost raised to 300.000 total, up from 120.000 total. -Time cost raised to 24 hours, up from 4 hours. Note: The conquest mechanic has been