Alpha 9 Launch Date

Alpha 9 Launch Update With April quickly approaching, our development team has been hard at work to finalize the changes coming in Alpha 9. Our objectives with this iteration are both to introduce emergent gameplay and have a smooth launch of the new servers. In order to meet this objective, we have decided to change

Change Log – 8.8.1

Patch Notes for version 8.8.1 New Launcher – We have a new launcher! The framework for it will be included today, and the launcher itself will come tomorrow. Bugfixes – Returning to positive labor now removes out of supply indicator on fleets. – Streaming assets has been fixed. – The extreme glow in Politics has

Alpha 9 Dev Log #1

Welcome to the first entry into the Dev Log for the Alpha 9 release.  The new “Dev Log” series will cover details about upcoming releases so players can get a look at the development going on behind the scenes.  Before we dive into specific changes, coming in later Dev Logs, we wanted to share the