Patch b1.1 – Change Log

New Space Flu Tournament server rewards have now been handed out to players. Alpha tester rewards have now been handed out to every participant in our alpha tests <3 The tokens of our affection contain: 200 plat. Alpha tester badge. Special avatar with background. Implemented description placeholders for new elements on the map. Changed Removing

Patch b1.0 – Change Log

New Animated avatars. Added localizable descriptions for card blueprints. Overhauled most sound effects but not all, count this as WIP. Raid combat report headers now display a special icon if the attacker’s total cargo wasn’t filled. Added flavor texts for all buildings and organizations. Changes New Art in the Store panel. All organizations now have

Patch a11.13 – Change Log

New The Launcher will automatically upload client’s output logs when submitting bugs via the the Bug Report button! Changed Reworked Chat Panel focus. Sending a message no longer loses focus; unless the text input is empty in which case the focus is restored to the main keyboard short cut controls. Improved sizing and readability of

Patch a11.12 – Change Log

New Animated avatars can be picked and show up with animation. Rookie badge can now be earned by completing the Tutorial achievements. Map pin list shows an indicator when an alliance pin was added by another empire. Changed All store panels now have the right banner. Sizes of store side tabs are now all the

Patch a11.11 – Change Log

LOADING SEQUENCE A massive refactor of the loading sequence has taken place! Asset bundles are now fetched from a CDN, which should result in more consistent and quicker downloads across the globe. Assetbundle loading is now done asynchronously in the background while mandatory asset bundles are now correctly waited for when login in for the