Alpha 9 Dev Log #1

Welcome to the first entry into the Dev Log for the Alpha 9 release.  The new “Dev Log” series will cover details about upcoming releases so players can get a look at the development going on behind the scenes.  Before we dive into specific changes, coming in later Dev Logs, we wanted to share the

Announcing the Final Server of Alpha 8!

We are proud to announce the opening of our 7th server – the FINAL SERVER of the Alpha 8 version.  The server will launch on Wednesday, 13th February, 16:00 UTC, and all players are invited to embark on one final journey through the stars of Alpha 8. Thousands of players have had an opportunity to

Changelog 📜

Patch – 2o. December GAMEPLAY -Minutiae now additionally lowers the resource and time cost of all buildings by 10%. -Imperialistic policies: -National Guard is now implemented. -Augmented Outposts V implemented, go wild! -Added the Change Avatar achievement. -Developer’s note: to reduce the steps from installation until you start to play, we have removed the requirement

Server 3 coming next week!

We are extremely proud to announce that Server 3 will be online this coming Tuesday, December 18th! This is of course the perfect opportunity to achieve all your dreams of galactic conquest. Whether this is your first time playing or you just want a fresh start. Some resources to start your adventures: Create your account Get