Server 4 coming Monday – August 12!

We were blown away by the reception we got to A9S3. It filled to the brim within a couple of days of going live. In no small part due to new players finding out why Starborne was the greatest game, they had never heard of. With a small legion of players beating down on the

A9 – Server 3 is live!

Hello friends, as promised Server 3 is now live! Changelog available here. Some resources to start your adventures: Create your account The unofficial guide to Starborne Remember there are only 5130 starting locations on the map, so claim yours while you can! See you on the frontier, commander!

Patch 9.15.1 – Change Log

PATCH 9.15.1 Wednesday, July 31st. @ 13:00 GMT. User Interface New Avatar system that is split into Portraits and Backgrounds New vanity item type: Explosions Overhauled Store panel Overhauled Settings panel New Politics sub-panel: My Profile Gameplay Most store Offers are now account limited instead of server limited: Account limited: Cards (Research Grants) Customization (all)

Store Changes A9 S3

The store has undergone a redesign and we’d like to take the opportunity to talk about the various changes which will be introduced in A9 Server 3. Card Price Changes (Platinum): We’ve taken another look at our card offers, and Platinum spent per minute / exchange is now consistent across all price points. Most lower-end

Server 3 coming next week!

We are super excited to announce that Server 3 will be online next Wednesday, July 31st! This is of course the perfect opportunity to achieve all your dreams of galactic conquest. Whether this is your first time playing or you just want a fresh start. Some resources to start your adventures: Create your account The unofficial guide to

Patch 9.14.1 – Change Log

User Interface A player can block other players. This will filter out all messages sent from the blocked player in the blocking players’ chats and disables the private chat between them. For now, this is only possible over chat commands, a UI implementation is planned for the future /block <Username> /unblock <Username> Bugfixes Leaving Coalition