Patch b2.26 - Change Log | Starborne

Patch b2.26 - Change Log

Mon Mar 14 2022 - 1 min read

●  Internal Affairs is now a tier 4 building, switching with Governor's Mansion.
●  Internal Affairs now give +30% sabotage defense.
●  Base station sabotage defense is now lowered to 27k/115k/412k/830k.
(Some Sabotage Values may display correctly on already running server, but everything will work as was until those server conclude.)

●  FOB jumps will show in the alliance movement lists on the alliance page.
●  FOB tooltip will now show more information about current jump.
●  Station tooltip will now show more information about sabotage.
(This information is visible only for the player that did the sabotage, for now.)

●  Alliance Assault will properly cancel when the target station is captured.
●  FOB jump swirl will now properly show all the time - along with its tooltip.
●  Politics progress bar should now show progress correctly.

These patchnotes are subject to change until the day of deployment.