Frequently asked questions

Who is Starborne developed by?

Starborne is made by Solid Clouds, an Icelandic based games developer.

Where can I download Starborne/register?

You can download the game on our website. You will need to create an account before forging your way to space domination.

Check out our Discord server to meet other players and see game announcements. We have a friendly and active community and it is the best place to start as a new player.

What kind of game is Starborne?

Starborne is a hexed based sci-fi MMO strategy game that takes place in real-time. The basic idea of Starborne is to claim as many hexes as possible by expanding your empire. Late game you will be working with an alliance to achieve 1 of 3 victory conditions.

Does the game continue while I’m offline?

Yes, all of your building queues and passive resource generation will continue while you are offline. Fleet movements and any other actions scheduled or started before logging off will continue while offline.

Where can I find information on how to play?

When you first open a Starborne account you will be taken through a one-time in-game tutorial that takes you through the basic steps to help you master the game. There are also several tutorial achievements every time you start a new server. These give out rewards, but also encourage you to try out different game mechanics

For a more in-depth tutorial, check out the Let’s Play Starborne video series

How do you win in Starborne?

There are three Victory Conditions in the Open Beta of Starborne:

Strategic Victory: The alliance holding the most Mysterious and Enigmatic Mechanism objects (worth 1 and 3 victory points respectively) will be crowned the winner in this race. Expect fierce fighting and lots of combat in the middle of the map if you wish to hold your claims!  

Dyson Victory: After claiming at least 4 (of the total 7) Grand Terrestrial planets in an arm, the alliance unlocks the corresponding Dyson Sphere structure. Every upgrade completed of the Dyson Shell building awards 1 Victory Point. This will require an immense amount of resources, freighters, and streaming to achieve! 

Territorial Victory: The alliance with the most independently claimed hexes (no overlap with other allies, and not within the green ‘starting zone’ or in the Omega Sector (black hole zone) will be crowned the victor of this category. Spread out, spread far but be careful to hold onto your vast swathes of territory!

How do I change my username?

You can not change your username, you can however register for a new account. 

Please be aware that multi-accounting on a single server is strictly forbidden and will result in players being banned. 

Feel free to let us know if you would like your current account deleted so that you can create a new one. You can send us a message via Facebook or on the support channel on our Discord server.

How do I change my password?

You can change your password from the login screen by clicking on the ‘forgotten your password’ link at the bottom of the window. You will then be taken to a webpage where you can request a password reset link to your email address.

Is Starborne available on Mac, Linux, or Android?

Unfortunately, Starborne is only available on Windows. We hope to bring Starborne to more operating systems in the future, but there is no estimated time for this.

What are the system requirements?

The minimum requirement for running Starborne is:

OS: Win 7 64

Processor: Intel Core i5-6600K 3.5GHz / AMD FX-6350

Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 7850 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 and a DirectX 11 Compatible Graphics Card

System Memory: 8 GB RAM

Storage: 10 GB Hard drive space

How many servers are there?

There are never a set amount of servers, as we often release new servers to test game mechanics and replace old ones. Servers release about once a week, usually on a Friday.

How long does server maintenance take?

Scheduled maintenance typically takes from 30 minutes to 1 hour. You can find announcements via the in-game chat or in our ‘Server Status’ channel on the Starborne Discord server:

Why can’t I enter the server?

Sometimes we may need to take a server down for maintenance, but there will be a notice on the server selection screen. If you are unable to access the server outside of maintenance times or have any in-game issues, please submit your bug report via the link on the ‘news’ section of the game launcher.

Is there a time limit on how long I have to join a server?

There is no time limit, but we would recommend joining before the 4-7 day mark to quickly expand your empire. New servers release about once a week, usually on a Friday.

What is a referring player?

A player that has referred their friend to Solid Clouds as a potential player. To gain rewards for referring a player, simply ask the person you are referring to select the ‘do you have a referring player?’ checkbox when registering.

Are there any plans to bring a trade function to the game?

Always under discussion, if you are interested in lobbying for this particular feature in the game go to the game launcher and submit your feedback.

Are there plans to add more in-game events?

The only events that we currently have are the fleet events that drop slab caches and the star missions. If you would like to see more events in the game, please feel free to submit your feedback via the launcher.

Where can I find the Starborne soundtrack?

The Starborne soundtrack was created by Kjartan Holm and Paul Corley. We are looking into getting it on Spotify soon, so watch this space…

Keyboard Shortcuts

Many shortcuts can be found by hovering over things such as the menus at the top of your screen. For example: hovering over Politics reveals a shortcut of P so I won’t list those.

  • CTRL+G – Hides the grid (for screenshotting)
  • CTRL+H – Hides the UI (also useful for screenshots) 
  • Up Arrow or B – Brings up the “Buildings” menu
  • Down Arrow – Centers your screen on your currently selected station
  • Right and Left Arrows – Cycles through your stations and centers your screen on the station. Additionally while in the building menu it will cycle through your stations and keep the building menu open
  • Y – Opens Shipyard

Why are my policies showing up on all servers?

Policies are account wide, so any research undertaken or currently undertaken will appear across servers. You will still need to equip policies to slots in your faction, in order for them to be applied to the server that you are currently playing. Active policies are empire wide, and will affect all your stations.

Where are my daily challenges gone?

Daily challenges are reset at midnight, in-game time. There is a timer at the bottom of the ‘Daily Challenges’ panel that indicates how long is left before they refresh. Any challenges completed whilst you are away from the game will automatically be claimed once the challenges reset.

How do I get infrastructure points?

You can gain 1 infrastructure point per leader level. Infrastructure points can be used to build new stations and build new troop carriers.

How do I upgrade my Starborne station?

By building and leveling up buildings, organisations, and outposts to gain influence, which is needed to upgrade a station.

When your station reaches 20 influence it can be upgraded to level 2 by clicking the ‘Upgrade Station’ button that will appear at the bottom of the screen above where your fleets are in the UI. You can then upgrade your station at 50 influence and one last time at 120 influence to reach station level 4.

Is influence used for anything other than leveling stations?

In addition to allowing you to level your stations based on their individual influence values, total influence from all of your stations is also used to increase your experience gain per hour to increase your character level. Character level can be found in the top left of your screen just to the right of your avatar. Hovering over the experience bar will show related information like experience per hour and current experience.

When / how can I build a new station?

Every character level (found in the top left of your screen by your avatar) that you gain awards you 1 Infrastructure Point (IP), these can be found in the top right of your screen (the 4 outward facing arrows icon).

After you have acquired 10 IP you can build a new station. A new station requires 3000 of each resource (Metal, Gas, and Crystal) and at least one Industrial fleet. Also, you must have enough cargo space to hold the 9000 total resources. You can use other fleets to increase the available cargo space as long as you have at least one Industrial fleet selected as well. Once you have met all the requirements, you can build your station.

  •  Right-click a hex on the map where you’d like to build the station 
  •  Select ‘build station’ from the radial menu.

 IP points can be found in top right of your screen (the 4 outward facing arrows icon)

How do I join/leave/create an alliance?

There are a couple of ways to join an alliance…

Request to join 

  • Go to the ‘Alliances’ tab on the politics panel (p)
  • Search for the alliance you wish to join
  • Click on the dropdown menu (the 3 dots)
  • Select ‘Apply for Membership’

Be invited

  • An alliance leader can invite you to join their alliance
  • Go to the ‘My Alliance’ tab on the politics panel 
  • Click on the ‘invitations’ button
  • Click on the drop-down menu 
  • Here you will have the option to view the alliance details and accept or decline the invitation

Create an alliance

  • Go to the ‘My Alliance’ tab on the politics panel
  • Go to the ‘Create an Alliance’ panel to the left of the screen
  • Enter your alliance details
  • Click ‘Create Your Alliance’
  • Start recruiting!

To leave an alliance, simply click the ‘Leave Alliance’ button on the ‘My Alliance’ tab. If you would like to kick a player from your alliance simply click on the dropdown next to the player and select ‘kick from alliance’.

When looking for an alliance to join, we highly recommend visiting our Discord server, as this is where the majority of the recruitment takes place. You can also find an alliance via the in-game chat.

After a certain amount of days, alliances become locked. This means that you can no longer join an alliance or leave your current one.  The time limit depends on the length of the server. You can view how long is left before alliances become locked at the bottom of the politics panel.

Can you apply for multiple alliances?

You are can only apply for one alliance at a time on each server.

How many fleets can I have?

There are 2 types of fleet limit, the empire fleet limit, and the operating fleet limit. The empire fleet limit is a hard cap on how many fleets you can have. You start with a base cap of 6, but you can expand this by claiming more hexes. 

Once you have claimed a certain amount of hexes, you will unlock an empire fleet slot, which you can claim on the tasks panel. You can see how many hexes you need to claim by searching ‘hex’ under empire achievements. 

You can view your empire fleet limit in the top right-hand corner of the map or the top right-hand corner of the fleets tab.

How do I claim more hexes?

You can claim hexes through building or leveling up stations. If your hexes overlap with the hexes of another player the hexes become contested and will show as red on the map. You can claim contested hexes by increasing your claim strength, which you can see by hovering over the hex. Claim strength can be increased in the following ways:

Cards – Empyrial Guards, Home Guard

Outposts – Fortress

Policies – Patriotism

Factions – Frontier Legion

Buildings – Governor’s Mansion

You can drop a claim at any time, by right-clicking on the hex that you wish to drop the claim from, selecting hex on the radial menu and clicking ‘Drop Claim’.

What is the difference between the operating fleet limit, supplied fleets, and empire fleet limit?

Operating Fleet Limit – This is the number of fleets that can be docked at a specific station. Each station has its own operating limit. The Operating Limit can be found just above and to the right of the fleets in the main UI. If you exceed the Operating Limit at any given station then each additional fleet over the limit will add a +10% labor penalty to all fleets operating from that station. Example: Operating fleet limit 12/10 adds a 20% penalty to labor upkeep. This could cause fleets there to go out of supply.

Supplied Fleets – These are the fleets that are supplied by a given station and are currently using the labor from that station. A station can supply any number of fleets up to the empire limit as long as it has to labor to do so.

Empire Fleet Limit – This is the maximum number of fleets you can have in your entire empire. This limit can be viewed by clicking on the Logistics tab at the top of your screen or hitting F on the keyboard. The limit is located in the top right when in the Fleets tab within the Logistics menu. (Shows as ‘Total Fleets’)

How do I create/ delete a fleet?

If your empire fleet limit has not been reached you can click on the ‘+’ sign in the station panel next to your current fleets to create a new fleet. If you are at your maximum empire fleets you will have to claim more hexes by building and upgrading stations to unlock more empire fleet slots.

There are 2 ways to delete your fleets in Starborne.

  •  Right-click a fleet in the ‘Station HUD’ (the station panel at the bottom of the map), and click disband 
  •  Press ‘f’ to go to the fleets tab, select the fleet you want to delete and click on the drop-down under ‘Details’, where you will find the option to disband.

How do I send fleets on a movement?

To deploy fleets, send on scans, etc you can select the fleet by left-clicking on it at the bottom of your screen. When selected it will be highlighted in a lighter shade of blue. You may then right-click on a hex to see a list of actions that can be completed.

How do I cancel a movement?

You may only cancel a movement within the first 3 minutes after it departs from your station. To cancel the movement hit M on your keyboard or click the Movements tab at the top of your screen. Find the movement you want to cancel and if you are still in the 3 minute allowed window you will see red text to the right side of the screen that says ‘Cancel Movement’.

Note: You currently cannot cancel freighter movements. This will hopefully be addressed post-beta.

What does each of the fleet types do?

Corvettes and Destroyers (raiders)-These unit types are typically faster and have more cargo space making them good for raiding stations for resources. Also used for assault movements. Can be used to assist in building stations and outposts, but must be accompanied by an Industrial fleet.

Patrol and Frigates (assault)-These units have more hit points and firepower than the Raider versions, especially once leveled up a few times. They are more effective at running missions also. 

Gunships-These are extremely valuable ships with the highest Station Bombing stat in the game. Guard them carefully and be sure not to send them into direct combat, as these ships allow you to bomb other players off the map!

Carrier and Dreadnought –Capital ships are extremely powerful, and each player can only produce one at a time from their Capital Ship Assembly Outpost. They are primarily used for assault movements and doing missions. Can also be used for raiding. Can assist in build movements, but must be accompanied by an Industrial fleet. Unit types marked here with “(B)” also have a Station Bombing stat as well and can be used to damage enemy buildings in Assault movements.

Scouts and Recons –These units are used for placing probes to discover missions, spy on enemy movements, and revealing enemy outposts. They can also be used to attack and defend against Sabotage. Used for missions requiring scan strength. Can be used in raid and assault movements. Can assist in Build movements if accompanied by an Industrial fleet.

Industrials- Industrial is both the type and unit name. They are used for anything requiring large amounts of cargo space. At least one Industrial fleet must be selected to start a build movement to build a station or outpost. Used to complete solar flare missions. Can be used in raiding and assault movements though assault is not advised. When using to raid they can help to bring back large amounts of resources but are easily killed by enemy defenders.

Troop Carriers-These units have the sole purpose of lowering an enemy station’s Capture Defense stat. When Capture defense reaches zero a Troop Carrier is consumed and the station is Captured. They cost 13 infrastructure points and 250,000 of each resource.

How many station cards can I equip to a station?

You can have up to 5 cards equipped on your station. Each card will indicate which slot they can be equipped to. You can view the symbols for each slot by going to the cards tab on the Station HUD at the bottom of the map.

Many cards can be equipped in multiple different slot types. If you have more than one of the same card, it can go in both slots at the same time, however, you can only equip 1 station unique card per station.

Why can’t I equip my card into a station slot?

If you don’t see a card in the available list of cards and have confirmed you have the correct slot type and currently have at least one of that card in your inventory, then it may be caused by an additional requirement on the card. For example, some cards can only be used on stations below level 2 or require the station to be at least level 3.

You can view the station restrictions by pressing (i) to access your inventory and clicking on your cards to view more details. You can also view more details via the ‘Cards’ panel on the station HUD at the bottom of the map by hovering over the card and clicking on the eye symbol.

Some examples of restricted cards are:

  • Willy Gamish (station cannot exceed level 1)
  • Willard S. Gamish (Station cannot exceed level 2)
  • Big Bill Chattle (Station must be at least level 2)
  • William Chattle (Station must be at least level 2)

How do I craft/breakdown cards?

To craft or breakdown a card select the Inventory menu at the top of your screen or hit I on the keyboard. Now select ‘Cards’ in the top left, then below that select ‘Show All Cards’. Here you can search for the card you want to craft by name or description keyword. Left-click on the card you wish to craft or breakdown. Now click on ‘Craft’ within the popup window. Here you can either craft the card if you have the required credits or breakdown any cards of that type you currently have in your inventory. Breaking down cards rewards you with credits. You can get more credits by clicking on bonus salvage, but this costs 8 command points.

How do blueprints work?

Blueprints permanently reduce the crafting cost of craftable cards in the game. Each blueprint costs a certain number of blueprint fragments to create/upgrade. You can earn blueprint fragments through breaking down cards in the ‘inventory’ tab or through progression rewards. 

To upgrade a blueprint, go to the ‘Blueprint’ tab, and select the card you wish to upgrade the blueprint for, then go to the upgrade tab and click ‘Upgrade Blueprint’. Once upgraded your blueprint should show up in the ‘Owned’ tab.

Blueprints are account-wide, so you will be able to use them on any server that you are playing on.

How do I build an Outpost?

You can build an outpost by right-clicking the desired hex on your station and selecting ‘outpost’ on the radial menu. You can then choose which outpost you want to build, and see the requirements for constructing it. Outposts require commodities to build (Steel Slab / Carbon Plate / Titanium Block / Diamond Nanorod), these can be earned through events.

Pay attention to where you are placing your outpost, as they often have effects that expand to the surrounding hexes. For example, the mining facility harvests metal, gas, and crystal within a 1 hex radius, so you will want to place it next to these resource fields.

How do I complete events to get the Steel Slab / Carbon Plate / Titanium Block / Diamond Nanorod?

To find Events go to the Tasks menu at the top (A) of the screen and click on the Events tab in the top left. In this window you have four options (left to right) which are listed below with their rewards (premium time displayed in brackets):

Transport Shuttle Crash(Lv.1): 3 Steel Slabs (4 Steel Slabs)

Labor Transit Attack(Lv.2): 3 Carbon Plates (4 Carbon Plates)

Perihelion(Lv.3): 2 Titanium Blocks (3 Titanium Blocks)

XAOC Raider Base(LV.4): 2 Diamond Nanorods (3 Diamond Nanorods)

Once started the selected Event will complete on its own without any user interaction. You may, however, speed up the event to complete instantly by spending Command Cards. The amount of Command Cards to complete each Event level will show in the bottom right as >># once the Event is started. 

Note: This cost does not decrease as the Event goes on, meaning that if you start a level 4 event which takes 5 Command Cards to speed up. It will cost 5 cards whether you have 23 hours remaining or 1 minute remaining. This will hopefully be addressed post-beta.

What are Augment Points and how do I get them?

Augment points are used to give permanent* minor boosts to an outpost. To obtain augment points you must be in the Terran Combine faction or have the ‘Upgrade Infrastructure’ policy equipped. As Terran Combine you will receive 3 augment points and using the ‘Upgrade Infrastructure Policy’ will give you 1 point.

Each outpost augment you perform will use 1 augment point. Each point used will start a 4 hour refresh timer. After the 4 hours is up you gain the augment point back to be used again. The reset timer can be viewed by hovering over the diamond-shaped icon with 2 arrows in the top right of your screen.

*Augmenting an outpost gives a permanent boost to the outpost, but successfully sabotaging an outpost with an augment on it will also remove the augment which can then be reapplied. You can only augment an outpost once.

What is a Solar Flare?

Solar flares are a unique mission for industrial fleets only. These missions spawn on stars. Solar flares will have a chance to spawn every 2 hours on a star that does not currently have a flare active on it. To see a solar flare you must have a scan strength of at least 1 on the star meaning your station either has to be within 10 hexes of the star (with a level 10 Surveillance Office building) or you must deploy a probe with an Exploration fleet (scout or recon) via scanning. 

Solar flares reward one type of the 3 building resources (metal, gas, and crystal) which is also chosen at random when the solar flare spawns. To view which resource type is rewarded you may right-click on the star then click on Explore then click on View Solar Flare. This new pop up will give you all information regarding the flare, including type, duration, and amount available.

How do I harvest Solar Flares?

You can harvest solar flares by using Industrials. You will see a notification when a solar flare is up. Click the notification to go to the solar flare and right-click on the hex that the solar flare is active on. Select your industrials and click on ‘Send Complete Star Mission’. 

To participate and benefit from the solar flare the selected industrial fleet must have plasma cargo. Plasma cargo can be obtained by some Industrial buildings and it is also increased by a range of Fleet cards that fit into the Hull and Character slots of your industrial fleets. The last way to increase Plasma cargo is with one of the Industrial policies in the Policy tab at the top of your screen.

What does the Dyson Sphere do?

A Dyson Sphere is a structure that is unlocked for your alliance after claiming a minimum of 4 Grand Terrestrial planets. Every upgrade of the Dyson Shell building awards 1 Victory Point. The Dyson shell building can be costly to upgrade, so make use of streaming and save up those resources!

What is the difference between raid, assault, and sabotage?

Raid movements will not use the attacker’s tactics into account during combat calculations but will allow your surviving ships to steal resources from the target station to bring back to your station. 

Assault movements apply Station Bombing and Station Capture stats when attacking. 

Sabotage movements are used for disabling outposts as well as removing their augment effects. Sabotaging a station will prevent fleets from leaving the station which can be useful for keeping fleets from reinforcing another station, escaping an incoming attack, or fixing their disabled outposts

How does combat work in Starborne?

Combat in Starborne consists of 3 rounds. At the end of which a Combat Report is generated as a summary. The very simple version of combat is that your fleet’s firepower (FP) is calculated against the other fleet’s hit points (HP) and vice versa.

The following information is taken from the in-game Info tabs for raid, assault and sabotage. Each combat round applies a FP modifier for participating fleets as follows:

Round 1: 100%
Round 2: 75%
Round 3: 50%

The formula for total fleet FP (while raiding) is:
Fleet FP (including all bonuses from cards, fleet level, policies and station buildings) * Round Modifier = Total Fleet FP

The formula for total fleet FP (while assaulting or sabotaging) is:
Fleet FP (bonuses included) * Round Modifier * Tactics Modifier (Basic Tactic Boost % + Station’s Tactic Boost % + Fleet Card Tactic Boost %) = Total Fleet FP

The FP calculations are done for each fleet in your attacking/defending armada. This is then calculated against the Total HP (including bonuses) for the other player’s armada. The amount of the Total FP that each fleet in the armada receives as damage directly correlates to its percentage of contribution to the armada’s total HP. For example: If your patrol fleet consists of 30% of your participating armada’s total HP it will receive 30% of the other player’s total participating armada FP as damage.
If a fleet receives an amount of damage that exceeds its HP it is considered destroyed. Otherwise the HP of that fleet is reset to full for the next round of combat. Damage does not carry over between rounds. All calculations are then redone for the remaining fleets on both sides until all rounds have been completed.

For Sabotage
Sabotage is unique because only Scouts and Recons will participate in attacking or defending for sabotage movements. In addition to the 3 rounds of combat, a sabotage movement will then also do one final calculation after the initial combat rounds. For a successful sabotage the attacking armada must survive the combat rounds and then have enough FP to exceed the station’s sabotage defense/outpost HP. This calculation is done like the Raiding FP calculation (does not apply tactics). If there are no defending Scouts or Recons then the only calculation done is the Attacking Fleet Total FP vs Station Sabotage Defense / Outpost HP.

On station tactics
Think of station tactics as Rock Paper Scissors. Pincer beats Turtling beats Flanking beats Pincer.

Tactic modifiers are only applied for the player using the superior tactic or both players when the same tactic is being used by both.

What does scanning do?

Scanning allows you to reveal more about a hex, including missions, outposts, and incoming/outgoing fleet movements. 

In order to scan the hexes around you, scan strength is needed. You start out with a base scan strength of 100 and a radius of 10, which is only applied to the capital station. Scan strength determines what can be revealed and the scan radius is how many hexes the scan will cover. If a hex has greater stealth than your scan strength, items on the hex will not be uncovered.

You can gain scan strength in the following ways:

Ships Scout and Recon fleets (600 scan strength for a full fleet)

Buildings Communications Array 

Factions Atlas Syndicate 

Outposts Scanner

Cards Novice Scout, Stolen Atlas Tech, Veteran Scout

How do I unlock heavy ships?

You can unlock heavy ships by building the tier 4 outpost ‘Heavy Ship Assembly’. Heavy ships can take a long time to build and cost a large number of resources, so plan accordingly.

It is recommended to keep your Heavy Ship Assembly Separate from your Capital Ship Assembly, in order to leave space on your build queue for other ships.

Heavy ships include Destroyers, Frigates, Recons, Gunships, and Troop Carriers.

If you are building heavy ships from a station that is not near to your alliance cluster, you can build them directly to your ‘Alliance Station’ from the ‘Shipyard’

How do I change my capital station?

At the start of the game, your first station will be your capital, but you can change this. Your capital station benefits from 100 scan strength, 

so choose wisely when assigning a station as your capital.

You can change your capital station by going to the ‘Stations’ tab (s) and clicking on the dropdown next to the station that you wish to make your capital. You then have the option to ‘Change to Capital’. The first change is free, but if you wish to re-assign your capital again, you will need 5 command cards.

How do I find / Complete missions?

The short simple version is that using an exploration fleet (scout or recon) to deploy a probe on a mission via the scan option, which will reveal the mission. You may then complete the mission with other fleets once the requirements in the popup window are met.

  • To see where missions are located press the space bar to go into exploration mode (the yellow hexes indicate where the missions are)
  • Right-click on the middle yellow hex and select ‘Explore’ on the radial menu
  • Select your scout or recon unit and click ‘send scan’
  • Wait for the scan to complete
  • You will see the mission indicated on the map
  • Right-click on the mission and select ‘Explore’ on the radial menu
  • Look at the mission requirements on the pop-up window and select fleets accordingly before clicking ‘send’

How do I get more spies (operatives)?

You start the game with a maximum of 1 spy. You can increase your operative pool through cards (Jade Lotus), policies (Little Birds), and by the Civic Intelligence building. Spies are refreshed 1 hour after use.

How do I logout/leave the game?

To logout you can click on the door and arrow icon located in the settings menu (the cog symbol on the bar at the top of your screen).