Frequently asked questions | Starborne

Starborne - Frequently asked questions

Who is Starborne developed by?

Where can I download Starborne/register?

What kind of game is Starborne?

Does the game continue while I’m offline?

Where can I find information on how to play?

How do you win in Starborne?

How do I change my username?

How do I change my password?

Is Starborne available on Mac, Linux, or Android?

What are the system requirements?

How many servers are there?

How long does server maintenance take?

Why can’t I enter the server?

Is there a time limit on how long I have to join a server?

Are there any plans to bring a trade function to the game?

Are there plans to add more in-game events?

Where can I find the Starborne soundtrack?

Keyboard Shortcuts

Why are my policies showing up on all servers?

Where are my daily challenges gone?

How do I get infrastructure points?

How do I upgrade my Starborne station?

Is influence used for anything other than leveling stations?

When / how can I build a new station?

How do I join/leave/create an alliance?

Can you apply for multiple alliances?

How many fleets can I have?

How do I claim more hexes?

What is the difference between the operating fleet limit, supplied fleets, and empire fleet limit?

How do I create/ delete a fleet?

How do I send fleets on a movement?

How do I cancel a movement?

What does each of the fleet types do?

How many station cards can I equip to a station?

Why can’t I equip my card into a station slot?

How do I craft/breakdown cards?

How do blueprints work?

How do I build an Outpost?

How do I complete events to get the Steel Slab / Carbon Plate / Titanium Block / Diamond Nanorod?

What are Augment Points and how do I get them?

What is a Solar Flare?

How do I harvest Solar Flares?

What does the Dyson Sphere do?

What is the difference between raid, assault, and sabotage?

How does combat work in Starborne?

How does Sabotage work?

How do station tactics work?

What does scanning do?

How do I unlock heavy ships?

How do I change my capital station?

How do I find / Complete missions?

How do I get more spies (operatives)?

How do I logout/leave the game?

What are the building types?

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