The Music of Starborne | Starborne

The Music of Starborne

Solid Clouds has been fortunate to work with world-class composers to bring life to the world of Starborne.

Starborne Official Soundtrack

The Starborne soundtrack is a collaboration between the multi-talented Paul Corley and Kjartan Holm.

Paul Corley is an American composer, producer, and sound artist who since 2007 been a member of the Icelandic music collective and record label Bedroom Community. A constant collaborator, he has produced albums with Oneohtrix Point Never & Tim Hecker, numerous stage works and film scores with Ben Frost including the Palme d´Or nominated Sleeping Beauty, UK television show Fortitude.

He became the Music Director for Sigur Rós live shows in 2016 and through the success of this collaboration began developing new material with the band for their forthcoming eighth studio album.

Kjartan Holm is an Icelandic composer and a musician with a broad background in various fields in music. He’s collaborated with Oscar winner Hildur Guðnadóttir, Oscar nominees Jóhann Jóhannsson and Dustin O’ Halloran as well as composer Daníel Bjarnason and musician Jónsi.

For the past couple of years Kjartan has focused more on film and TV scoring, both collaborating with others as well as writing his own scores. Kjartan also collaborated in the interactive audio-visual exploration project Tónandi – made by Magic Leap with members of Sigur Rós.

Kjartan and Paul have collaborated on various projects including scores for film and TV, produced records and built live shows. Their latest collaboration yielded the official Starborne soundtrack you can enjoy in-game now.

Trailer Score

Pontus is a Sweden based composer who loves the cinematic sound; whether it’s grand soundscapes and big orchestras, or intimate string quartet music, he’s always looking to find that missing ingredient that will maximize the emotional impact of a game, movie or ad.

He’s written lyrics for Killer Instinct and his music has been heard in advertisements for Netflix’ Dragons, Warner’s Smallfoot, UFC broadcasts, and in games like Marvel Super Hero Squad. Pontus is responsible for the trailer scores for Solid Clouds.

Starborne Alpha Soundtrack

For a listen of our earlier sonic escapes, you can dip your toe into the Starborne Alpha soundtrack composed by Ari Einarsson: