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Company news

At the Annual General Meeting of Solid Clouds at the end of August, a new board was elected, consisting of Ólafur Andri Ragnarsson, lecturer at RU’s computer science department and one of the founders of the gaming companies Betware and Raw Fury, Guðmundur Ingi Jónsson, one of the investment directors of Kjalar fjárfestingarfélag, Svanhvít Friðriksdóttir, former WOW communications manager, Eggert Árni Gíslason, Managing Director of Mata, Heimir Þorsteinsson, Managing Director of Alvogen’s Finance and Ársæll Valfell, Assistant Professor at the School of Business, University of Iceland.

Solid Clouds is producing the multiplayer strategy game Starborne, the largest game that has been produced in Iceland since the production of Eve Online. Starborne is a three-dimensional space strategy game played in real time by thousands of players on a huge hexagon map via computer and smart device, but the game went into Beta testing this spring.