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Beta #24 Community Tournament - Recap & Results

Wed Oct 28 2020 (Updated: Fri Dec 11 2020) - 2 min read


This server has seen most of the biggest alliances to date engage in a furious 8-weeks fight to prove their worth in combat. And whatever the side you were on, I think we can all agree that worthiness has been witnessed. It created some alliances, made long-term friendships, and made us see some epic strategy, maybe even the beginning of some political careers. And a good amount of memes. So much strategy and politics in fact, that this server will be remembered as the one where no Dyson survived. It makes me feel like living to tell the tale is an achievement in itself.

A few numbers

Before going into the most expected and most requested part of this article, namely the results, let me share a few numbers because who doesn’t like statistics really?

  • 439 attacks movements in the last hour, almost +560% compared to the second most active hour on the server and +2000% compared to the average hour. Who said some Starborne-players wanted to see the world burn? Not me, but I’m starting to believe it.
  • 142k solar flares harvested.
  • Almost 284k missions done.
  • Almost 82k raids sent, with 50% of those in the first two weeks, against 15k assaults and 2.8k sabotages.

And now, to the part why you are really here: the results.


Strategic Victory

The first place in the Strategic victory was taken by Element Zero, who fought bravely in the Omega zone until the last day, with 12 points. Followed by Not Even Gravity in 2nd place with 7 points and Leviathan in 3rd place with 5 points.

Territorial Victory

The first place in Territorial victory goes to Gravity, who saw some of the highest individual claim players for a reason, with 18,4k hexes claimed. A comfortable advance over Golden Legion Zorka, that takes 2nd place with 14,8k hexes claimed. And then Element Zero, for their second appearance, on 3rd place with 13.5k hexes claimed.

Dyson Victory

Last but not least, the Dyson victory that almost didn’t got awarded to anyone. Et. Gal. Oligarchy and Cult of Nhilas have 1 point. Et. Gal. Oligarchy having more total influence, they take the first place and Cult of Nhilas takes the 2nd place.

And we’ve decided to award Zorka with the 3rd place. Undeniably the strongest opponents, and even though they were enemies, everyone spoke more than highly of the concerted Zorkan efforts – throughout this server – and it’s for these reasons we have chosen to award them 3rd in the Dyson. Two months of hard work as one of the greatest adversary should be rewarded, and it seems a shame to leave the 3rd place position ominously empty, if it’s down to a single second of timing in the grand scheme of things. I believe everyone will agree they most certainly deserve it.

That concludes this Beta #24 server, which I hope you’ve thoroughly enjoyed. See you on the frontier, Commanders, and don’t forget to have fun!

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