CrossFire: Community Tournament! | Starborne

CrossFire: Community Tournament!

Thu Jan 20 2022 (Updated: Thu Jan 20 2022) - 1 min read

Welcome back, everyone! It’s once again time for a new server, and while many of you have no doubt taken on the CrossFire map before, this time we’re planning something a little different.

Whether you keep a comprehensive list of your friends and foes, or are still trying to find your place in the Starborne galaxy, navigating the Alliance system has long been the backbone of achieving victory in Sovereign Space. However, for our Community Tournament we’re shaking all that up. Instead of teaming up with just your own Alliance, you’ll be working together with everyone in your starting sector to secure the most victory points. Comb your corner for valuables, or coordinate an invasion on your neighbors, the choice is yours. There will be 4 sectors to choose from, but only one can be the victor!

Also, as a gift from us, every player that logs in during the next 2 months will be rewarded a special edition Avatar, to help kick off 2022 in style. Make sure you don’t miss it.

The Tournament server goes live at 16:00 GMT today, and you can claim your Avatar as soon as you join. The Grand Terrestrials are calling, Commanders, so get out there and have fun.

Happy Hunting!