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Development Update for Starborne: Frontiers

Mon Jan 17 2022 (Updated: Mon Jan 31 2022) - 2 min read

A New Year is upon us! We here at Solid Clouds hope you all had a very Happy Holidays and are ready to face what is undoubtedly going to be a fantastic year.

You may remember that we first revealed the development of Starborne: Frontiers back in June 2021. Since then we've created a playable version of the game, and hosted a technical demo for a limited number of testers in December. Now that the test has proved successful, we've moved forward with development of several core features, and that means it's time for some big news!

We're thrilled to announce that Starborne: Frontiers will be a “Squad RPG” game, developed for mobile devices and PC, where players can face off against familiar factions from the world of Starborne: Sovereign Space.

Our first major release is scheduled for mid year 2022 and will include:

  • Over 90 ships to recruit from different factions
  • A full 10 chapter campaign with selectable difficulty options
  • Strongholds - A series of challenging tactical scenarios where you face progressively tougher opponents
  • An Arena where you can face off against other Frontiers players in PvP battles
  • A Tutorial to help new Commanders get started
  • An unlockable achievement and reward system

This is all just a small part of what our development team is planning, and we expect Frontiers to live up to its name in coming months as we explore many more exciting features, such as:

  • A Roguelike mechanic providing unique replay options
  • A revamped home station that unlocks new features as you progress through the game
  • An Alliance system where groups of players can work together to achieve difficult goals
  • A greatly expanded ship roster
  • A variety of limited-time events and tournaments
  • And more!

For now we will be continuing region specific testing while we focus on the technical aspects of the game, but you can expect our scope to expand rapidly later in the year when feature development has progressed further, so please stay tuned for more news on when it will be available in your area. We always love to hear feedback from the Starborne community, and hope you are all as excited for this as we are!

The Frontier awaits, Commanders, and we hope to see you there!