Gravity #2 Server Announcement | Starborne

Gravity #2 Server Announcement

Thu Feb 17 2022 (Updated: Thu Feb 17 2022) - 1 min read

Hello everyone!

We’re now halfway through February, which means it's once again time to announce the next Sovereign Space server. This month the spotlight has landed on Gravity, so get your engines warmed up now, because it's certain to be a mad dash from the edges of the map to the resource fields in the center.

However, you might notice a few things look a bit different when you log on, because this server comes with a little something extra. At the same time Gravity goes live, we will also be launching the long awaited Starborne in-game wiki. It will offer a quick way to find detailed information about just about everything Starborne, so use it well!

Access will open up on Thursday at 16:00 GMT, as usual.

Good luck out there Commanders, and happy hunting!