Introducing Gravity | Starborne

Introducing Gravity

Thu Jan 06 2022 - 1 min read

It's a New Year, a New Server, and time for a New Map!

You've escaped the event horizon, and clashed over the CrossFire, now get ready for a brand new kind of free for all.

Here's what to expect:

  • 350 Hex Radius Map
  • 24 Victory Points
  • 6 Starting Sectors
  • 460 Possible Starting Positions

You can choose your starting sector around the edge of the map, but don't expect to get comfortable. You're sure to feel the pull towards the center - packed with ice, moons, buffs for your whole alliance, and of course, Victory Points ripe for the taking. So find your alliance and get ready for the rush, because Gravity launches on January 6th at 16:00 GMT!

But if you miss your chance, don’t worry. Our second server of 2022 will be starting on the 20th with the return of CrossFire. There will be plenty of space to go around, but Victory Points are another matter entirely.

Good luck out there, Commanders, and happy hunting!