Introducing CrossFire! | Starborne

Introducing CrossFire!

Thu Nov 11 2021 (Updated: Thu Nov 11 2021) - 1 min read

Welcome to a brand-new map, where the objectives are vulnerable from all sides, and the competition promises to be cutthroat.

Here’s what to expect:

  • The return of the 4-week game duration
  • Additional space to expand around your first station
  • Commanders advancing from both sides of the map towards central ice fields, victory points, and moon-rich territory
  • Login rewards on days 8 and 15 will now give you 10 additional infrastructure points, allowing the opportunity to place multiple stations at once around valuable targets

CrossFire goes live at 16:00 GMT, so don’t waste a moment to start your bid for galactic dominance. Resources are ripe for the taking, but holding on to your prize might be tougher than it seems…

Happy hunting, Commanders!