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Meet the Players: Mortar

Wed Nov 11 2020 (Updated: Fri Dec 11 2020) - 4 min read


Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Majid Chebani. I am originally from Morocco, but I have lived in France for 16 years and I am French now since 5 years. For the people who is asking themselves about the picture of the tiger. I was in a refuge where they are saved from poaching, tigers are well treated, no sleeping pill or bad treatments. They just like to hang out with humans because they are born there and used to humans.

I am 34 years old, I came to France when I was 18 to study accounting. I have always been passionate about video games. At the beginning especially FPS games (Unreal tournament, Quake) and strategy games (Starcraft 1, Age of empire) later I played World of Warcraft for 5 years, where I was leading a pretty good alliance on Illidan. I have also a big passion for travelling, I did a world trip with my wife on 2017, after a little burn out in my work (I worked 3 years as a DJ the week-end to have enough money outside my accounting job) and when I came back from this trip, the most important for me was freedom, so I started my own company of Payslip and legal advice. I don’t see myself anymore working for anyone, I really like my working freedom more than anything.

Q: How long have you played Starborne?

My first server was Beta server 9 where I dropped in with my brother and played with the alliance Zorka. I just saw an ad on Youtube during the lockdown and I said to myself : Let’s try this !

Q: What do you like about Starborne ?

Mostly the community, I think today there is a lot of good games in the market but few with a nice community like Starborne.

Q: Have you gained friends through our community?

Of course ! In Zorka and even outside Zorka, we cannot see each other IRL because everyone is in different countries, but I have really strong in-game friendship with a lot of people here and that has not happened to me since World of Warcraft, years ago.

Q: Any idea´s for us?

Make an in-game wiki/tutorial that explains all the mechanism of the game for new players. As leaders, we always spend a crazy amount of time to explain to new players how the game work at every server and it’s a little bit painful everytime

Q: Your favorite in game moment?

I have 2 favorite in game moment – In s9 when Zorka organized a big sabotage plan on the alliance of Straylight Runners, 24 HD stealth sabo and 4 AA on 4 different station where all their capitals and frigs where stationed. We killed 90% of their armada without loosing anything. It was glorious ! – In s24 when Zorka killed 2 Dyson full of carriers and tried at the same time to steal a third dyson. I don’t remember exactly how many carriers we used, but it was more than 200 carrier from our 3 alliances (Zorka, Golden Legion Zorka, Zorka porch pirates) everything put with 4 fakes and 1 real to each people, with 6 sec gap, so opponents have no idea when the real attacks will hit. Unfortunately, the steal of the third dyson didn’t work because we needed 1 more TC to succeed. But we are really proud with this crazy operation which took us a week to organize with 60 people, mostly by private message because we had spies inside our ranks.

Q: Which enemies or groups were particularly difficult or memorable as opponents?

Blood Reavers is and always will be Zorka Nemesis. For us they are the strongest alliance in Starborne because they have both good strategies and strong in-game ship production. Also EGO, who has a really good progression and they became stronger and stronger. And of course Gravity, who are the best Strategy and patient alliance in Starborne, a really win Machine. We are waiting the next encounter that we will have against Blood Reavers, Zorka is stronger than ever now, and we want to try to face them again.

Q: Which alliances and coalitions have you led or been a part of?

I am the 2nd leader of Zorka. Zorka for a day, Zorka forever. We really like Zorka progression and our way to play. We never surrender, but also we are not a “military” alliance, we like people to have fun and people here like to play together. That’s for us the most important, we prefer a lost fun server than a boring, painful win server. That’s why we always try to choose a server where there is strong opponents.

Q: Do you have anything else you’d like to say?

Can we have more Vodka ingame please ? Master Yodka will be pleased.

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