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Omega #8 - Final Broadcast

Mon Jun 21 2021 (Updated: Mon Jun 21 2021)


LagAvenger, our auto-proclaimed and only reporter in the Starborne community has graciously agreed to let us publish his final broadcast on the Omega Cassiopeia #8 server. Remember that you can follow more closely his daily news broadcast on some of the current server in the official Discord server.

To think, Ladies and Gentlemen, our storied news network thought maybe we could take this server a little easy! Cruise our way through things with SM providing vision, in a "casual server" in SM leader c0ntrol3r's words. We of the SM News Network ask you fine listeners, what part of Omega S8 looked casual to you? Because our analyst desk can't see anything casual about this ending! In perhaps the closest server we've ever news casted, even more so than S27, ARR overcome their rivals in weeks of constant fighting to just barely sneak by with a 12 to 11 win, in a round of Starborne that came down to the wire despite their general advantage in map control and alliance activity for most of the game! But before we get into the nitty gritty, let's take a look at the fine alliances that participated in Omega O8!


Free Freqs (ARR), the pirate crew of Starborne, has been known for joining most servers in the past, but not for sticking things out in full force! This time was different, however. ARR's players finally found a server they could really sink their teeth into, and they came to win this time! So many of them showed up for battle, in fact, that ARR had to make a sub alliance, YAR, to hold everyone. They started in the northern sector of the map all by their lonesome, while their sub alliance started in the northwest.

Swort of the Brotherhood (SOB), upon their loss in MM1 to the gigantic juggernaut of Zorka's two fully armed alliances, headed here to O8 afterwards. In an intriguing strategic choice, they decided that their attire must not have been appropriate for victory previously, so they chose out the most stylish line of sworts that they could find and put away their swords! Initially, their growth rate seemed to be supreme of all the alliances, but ARR quickly surpassed them in game score. They still maintained second place for an extended period of time, but many key members from MM1 weren't with them this time! They started out in the northwest, and like ARR, also had a sub alliance, Brotherhood Academy (BAC). In the end, however, they really didn't seem to need it, as it looked like there should have been enough inactive SOB members that they could have combined together.

Angry Penguins (PEN) were also coming from MM1. An alliance of new players at the time, they had a trial by fire when faced with the impending invasion of Zorka's army, and became close friends with SOB as they were welcomed into their territory as war refugees. They seemed excited to try out the game once more on a different map new to them, but not new to us! They started out in the southeast, and would be one of the main drivers of the server's storyline.

Space Mercenaries (SM) had been out of the action for some time now, last appearing in D8 of Dissidence, and called it quits after disliking the direction the game was headed. Their leader, C0ntrol3r, decided to give things another try after thinking that perhaps things weren't going so badly after all in terms of game development, and our news network decided to hop aboard for some SUPPOSEDLY "casual" news casting! We spawned in the northeast, and SM managed to get an interesting group of people together from multiple different alliances who weren't playing this round, such as Dumptruck, Manvis, utione, Magus_Mooresang, and others. It may have been the most diverse crowd in terms of individual player membership history!

The Terrible Sinners (TTS) once again showed up with a disturbing number of alliances in tow, this time keeping it to just two, with The Deleterious Sinners being their second. They took over Legion sector in the south, and most of the early game diplomatic controversy would involve them and their impressions on the ethics of an entire server supposedly disliking multi-alliance premade groups. Despite having the greatest numbers on paper, they ended up being the server's first victims in terms of being eliminated from contention!

The Mortal Ones (TMO), an alliance first formed on MM2, wasn't doing so hot over there, so they came over here instead! They didn't manage to keep a ton of people interested over the course of the server, but they had just enough people to keep themselves in the headlines once the wars really started. They spawned in the southwest, and mostly acted to try and help SOB in their war with ARR. A good number of them spawned in the northeast by SM and the southeast by PEN, but they pushed the envelope a little too far with their station claims, and both alliances would end up at war with them eventually!

Anger Issues (AI) manages to make it this time, just by a hair, as an important alliance in this news network's final report. What's most remarkable is that despite being thoroughly trounced in the early game, 3 or 4 of them managed to survive into the end game, and they served a role similar to TMO. Even though the two small alliance's efforts were ultimately futile, they were still important parts of the news cycle this time around! SOB would have likely lost much earlier without AI and TMO's assistance, even if the XP totals they could generate weren't all that high.

We finally had a rare server on our hands where there wasn't much in the way of disappointing total dropouts. AI's harassers in the beginning of the game put on quite the show, but Teraqua had to bow out due to IRL concerns, which is far more understandable than most alliances having a slow fade into 0 activity. One new player alliance, United Nations-Empires (U_N) made a feeble effort in the northeast against SM, but folded like a wet paper bag within days, becoming SM's farms. There didn't really seem to be any group that betrayed our news network's expectations this time!

Now, with the players introduced, it's time to go over the history! We began with fighting in the west immediately, as SOB let YAR know that their presence was not welcome in the starting areas of the northwest. Curiously, ARR didn't say much in public about what should have been a clear cut act of war! Playing coy, they pretend that YAR is "just some new players" who don't have to help ARR if they don't want to...but Odonin doesn't exactly look uninvolved with ARR from this news network's perspective! The other instant war was between AI and just about everyone in the southwest, especially Teraqua, who continued their campaign of destruction against them from MM2.

It wouldn't be until two days after beginner protection dropped that we'd see a major alliance start having a hard time with something. TTS had to scramble to deal with some interlopers who appeared to be staging a THK style insurgency inside their space, led by naughtdame and MercinyahOD. TTS managed to lose several hundred more gunships in typical unescorted TTS manner, but were able to overcome them after several days.

By the end of the first week, SOB were just barely in first place, with themselves, ARR, and TTS starting to take up initial positions in the center of the map. Proximak takes up a similar position to O7, except EGN isn't there this time to meddle with their plans! But after hearing TTS complain on the discord about intelligence they received indicating every alliance was supposedly planning to make a grand coalition against them, it seems Proximak decided on the 8th to help turn TTS' dreams into reality, by having ARR fire the first shots as Proximak attacked Brichardi's stations near the middle. It's heartwarming to see even pirates willing to help people's dreams come true in this community!

On the 9th, both PEN and SM decided TTS' conspiracy theory was so appealing that they might as well just go for it! Dumptruck, the only SM member to make major positions in the middle of the map, mans a FOB and goes for a quick in and out adventure at the northern stations of TTS, starting with Sandman_Fry. Juutilainen of PEN also jumps into the action! But amazingly, this just makes TTS even MORE upset in the politics subchannel! You'd think having their tales of diplomatic doom and gloom proven true would give them a serious "I told you so" morale boost, but we here at the SM News Network guess there's just no pleasing some people! Notably, SOB didn't seem to ever intervene in what would become a very long running conflict on the server.

On the 10th, YAR would start getting into serious danger. After SOB made them know they weren't welcome, ARR's sub alliance tried to retreat to the border between SOB, TMO, and AI. But even there, they couldn't find peace! For the next week or so, YAR would be slowly whittled away at, despite the efforts of Odonin to beat back the hoards of otherwise unremarkable players from random small alliances. A sad state of affairs indeed, with no help from ARR in sight! In the end, YAR wouldn't be able to be much help to ARR on the server at all with the extreme losses they took from all sides.

Around the start of the second week, TTS had shown up on their front lines to stop SM's FOB from harassing them freely, but SM, PEN, and ARR responded by just attacking any of the myriad other locations TTS were exposed at. There weren't any major station losses or fleet kills yet, but TTS were almost totally on the defensive. ARR had risen to first place and their Libra sector shipyards were developing just fine, while SOB's internal organization appeared to be faltering, as they fell to third behind TTS and seemed to be almost willfully losing to a tiny Spanish speaking alliance, APP, near their southern starter area.

Mauro Brandolt, the leader of TTS, gives his own alliance a major morale hit on the 13th by quitting in disgust at the overall diplomatic situation. He queues up the self destructs, while another major TTS player Abberon self destructs some of his bases in the middle of the map that were the most exposed. PEN show their hand with bomber counts, as they start dismantling dbreadb of TTS' stations that were just inside PEN territory!

It wouldn't be until the 16th before the proper invasion of TTS space would begin. PEN jump in some FOBs into TTS territory, as all the while SM and ARR were hitting them in the middle with medium to long range sabotages and assaults of all shapes and sizes. PEN aim themselves at a GT area owned by TTS, and while the size of PEN's armada at this point wasn't impossibly large, the morale issues inside of TTS were apparently enough to make up the difference! We saw only minor acts of cooperation between TTS members for the entire war, and not once did they all appear to attempt to stack themselves up on defense against the invaders!

On the 19th, we came across the big split in this server's storyline. ARR and SOB began fighting in the middle of the map over GT positioning, and ARR is saying that SOB shot first, but it seems like the conflict was likely inevitable. Somebody has to take the GT's eventually, after all! Autopsyz tries to drop a station by the GT in libra in the northwest, with TheFlyingCircus supporting him by defeating a FOB fleet from ARR that was also by the GT. But Proximak, ARR's top pirate warrior, was on the case, and he struck back at TFC, taking and holding the server record for several days in the battle. ARR and TTS make a truce with each other around then, as ARR seemed satisfied that TTS was now far enough away from their mid shipyards for comfort. ARR vs. SOB and PEN/SM vs. TTS would totally diverge story wise from this point on, each war not really impacting the other, for quite some time, all the way until around 4-5 days before the server's end!

Let's go through PEN's invasion of TTS space first. Their invasion slowed for a few days as they built up their FOB fleets inside of TTS territory. On the 22nd, TTS members TheDipsman and Aberron lose their fleets after well coordinated labor sabotages go off without a hitch, and Damour of PEN gets the honor of blowing them both to smithereens on the base cluster of envousblack, who had been trying to hold off PEN for at least a day by then. Sandman_Fry and extbr3akz make a play on PEN's ice in return, but they can't seem to make it work! PEN start dropping stations afterwards to develop a forward position by the GT, and TTS can only take out one of the four bases that PEN send in.

SM assist all the while with medium range sabotages, especially from Hellraiser. The two alliances try to make a play on TeddyD's ice, but it appeared they weren't entirely ready for Teddy's defenders, and TTS get one of their few wins in a 200k xp fight. Despite the loss, TTS still can't seem to find an opening to fight off the invaders! SM's harassment of TTS' other ice cluster to the west prevented too many TTS ships from engaging with the PEN fobs, and PEN are able to develop their forward stations without opposition as a consequence. PEN prepare the jumps towards Altarian's base cluster!

extbr3akz queues up the self destructs near the 25th, after suiciding the remains of his ships into PEN for north of 80k XP. It would later come out that TTS morale couldn't have been lower, after many of the line members felt let down by their leadership's hasty decision to leave their members behind! PEN continue with Altarian's stations the next day, as they catch his fleets, followed by more wins against Elmuro's unsynchronized attempt at joining his ally. ionastarfighter also gets his fleets chased down after he sent in a long range strike behind the front front lines! SM start encountering less resistance from the TTS ice belts, as eventually only mickoff seems to remain on defense.

On the 27th, PEN started the jumps towards TeddyD, who queues up the self destructs just after PEN land. mickoff becomes the last man standing in TTS, holding the line against SM in TTS ice areas in well over 200k xp of various fighting, but there seemed to be nobody else left by this point! The next day, SM would finally finish him off, and the rest of PEN's time in the war was just a matter of jumping in and keeping those bombing runs going. Through the 29th and 31st, PEN take the last TTS GT, then jump into the southwest, where the story finally converges again. Let's take a look at what ARR was doing during all that time!

When ARR finally started their war with SOB, things were only looking moderately uneven in ARR's favor at the time. Although TheFlyingCircus had lost his first big fleet, SOB theoretically still had plenty of active members remaining with ships. And ARR looked like they were trying to launch a last minute rescue attempt for Odonin, the only YAR member with surviving bases in the far west. But once the action started heating up, ARR abandoned both of their FOBs that had been heading for Odonin, leaving him to fry over the next several days as SOB and TMO finished him and YAR's ice off without a struggle.

elmengi of SOB was putting on a brave effort in the middle against Proximak and numerous other pirate gang leaders on the 19th, even after TFC lost his fleet. In fact, he actually resisted a major Proximak attack at least once! Granigan joins his efforts the next day with some attacks on the station drop of Chobo in western Libra, but it didn't look like there was much of an effort on SOBs part to move all of their ships to the front line. elmengi drops to 33% strength, then to 0, as SOB appear to opt into reinforcing only Graginan's position. Meanwhile, ARR were taking out SOB's equivalent to dbreadb, casearm, in the north. SOB couldn't be everywhere at once, but ARR didn't have that problem, with their shipyard advantage on full display! They also began long range attacks over the border between the north and northwest to moderate effect around this time.

On the 21st, ARR find Integrity's fleets after causing a labor crisis for Integrity, and he never shows his face again all server. While SOB wasted time dealing with Odonin, who had already lost most of his ships and all of his labor, ARR were arming some FOBs to jump right on top of CTActual and TheFlyingCircus, right into SOB space! Our news network wonders just what all the hubbub about YAR was all about, as if both TMO and SOB had focused their efforts here, the long fade of SOB likely wouldn't have begun on this day. ARR's jump the next day sees them take out most of CTActual's bases, but TheFlyingCircus and others are able to engage with ARR's fobs afterwards, weakening the fleets enough to prevent further damage. ARR seem confident enough with their remaining ships to try jumping even farther into SOB space, but SOB come back with enough bombing power to damage one of the FOBs and induce a labor crisis!

ARR are forced to eject their fleets from the FOBs after the jump, and SOB can claim to have fended off the invasion at least this time. But the damage had been done, CTActual had lost major bases, while SOB had by then lost most of their positioning in the middle of the map as Granagan is finally overwhelmed! On the other hand, here on the 24th, we see AI join the end game for the first time on any server we've ever witnessed them in. They side with SOB, and around three of them are revealed to have survived their devastating early game. An enormous number of AI bases pop up next to Chobo, but it appears to have mostly been a bluff! The small number of AI ships are easily crushed by Proximak and PingPong, and AI sends in one FOB to start taking the fight to Space_Goblin, who quickly crumples under the pressure. But hey, at least AI attacked with something this server! Progress is progress, as they say.

Solo player Geist also joins the battlefield around this time, slowing down ARR's ability to continue fighting at the border with SOB in the northwest, Geist fends off at least one TC attempt with some quick moves, while taking up the time of ARR member Allcoastal. Eventually, ARR are forced to jump in with a FOB to finally end things, which seems to have delayed their timetable by a non-trivial amount. At the same time, Baika of ARR finds yet another TheFlyingCircus fleet for over 130k xp near the middle of the map.

On the 26th, SOB's last hope gets onto the field, as TMO show up after AI's defeat, and actually manage to snag a win off of Proximak near Chobo's GT! They even manage to defend one of their ice stations in major fighting. Granigan and TrickyD also run ARR ragged around the northwestern Libra GT, destroying two undefended station drops from ARR back to back before somebody in the pirate armada decides to send escorts with the base build. In a humorous incident, SM member Dumptruck also tries his hand at snagging the GT, after apparently interpreting ARR's hilarious mistakes as general disinterest in owning the GT. Alas, he's bounced back by ARR's third capture attempt!

However, SOB's end was in sight, as ARR's apparent blunders would soon be replaced by their second invasion attempt on SOB. They jump from the ruins of Geist to Tanreed's GT in the northwest, where his two new stations are quickly dispatched next to the GT in preparation for a takeover. SOB are able to stall for awhile after assembling a good collection of frigates on defense, but with a ship advantage as big as ARR's, there's no holding on forever! After two days of fighting, ARR swap out their ships for fresh stacks and put down some forward bases to assist their FOBs, while SOB apparently had nothing left that they were willing to replace their heavily damaged ships with. ARR TC the station on the 29th, and that's just about it! They jump on to the middle GT in SOB's territory and defeat the fleets there, then take the last GT in the northwest on the 31st. At last, the timelines converge!

ARR send one FOB into the southwest, by this time occupied almost entirely by the mostly inactive members of AI and TMO, after Proximak's base drop on SOB member Wambly is quickly blown up by the small number of residents still active. Their timing was likely no accident, as PEN had already moved on from TTS space by this point, and was capturing AI's GT in the bottom left. PEN/SM and ARR had a NAP with each other, so this was essentially a race to acquire the last GT's of the map! PEN are able to capture the TMO and AI GT's, but ARR take the one owned by Wambly. The score was now 11 for ARR, 9 for PEN, and 4 for SM. Since PEN and SM were allies, on paper, PEN should have been winning by this point. But if you thought a situation like this would make all parties concerned act with only the most logical strategic choices in mind, well, you've got a lot to learn about the Starborne community!

It should have been so simple, folks. Trade SM's 4 GTs to PEN right away, forcing ARR to cancel the agreement and go on offense. Truth be told, we don't know who would have won that theoretical war. But that's not what happened, dear listeners! With 3 days to go on May 31st, SM have a chat with ARR in discord messages. We don't know exactly what was said, but C0ntrol3r wanted out of the NAP for some final days of fighting. Which, you know, is all well and good as any fine PvP loving internet spaceship warrior should know, except someone apparently forgot to tell this to PEN! Instead of ARR facing off with both alliances starting that night, PEN still thought they had a NAP to honor, and there weren't any station trades in flight! Not the spot SM or PEN needed to be in, that's for sure!

The first order of business was for SM to dodge out of the way of Proximak's opening attack in the war aimed at an SM FOB, while this very news crew went live and on the scene in our ice belts where TheGozarian, formerly of SM, still had his bases. We only had recons, but for some reason, TheGozarian self destructs anyway, depriving nolanders of the opportunity to deploy right inside of SM ice and give us the business. The biggest battle of the war happened soon after, and our news crew was there too! Our official news network bodyguard carrier fleet and recon armada went into the middle to join Dumptruck's mighty forces as ARR were closing in with hurried deployments from the left side of the map. Dumptruck gets a big defensive win off of Chobo with some help from the media, it was a server record of 242307 xp! Dumptruck follows up with a few bombings and rounds of sabotages, but Proximak is back soon with another fleet, and eventually Dumptruck loses a fight that prevents him from continuing to engage.

The next day sees NamesAreForNoobs take the SM GT in the northeast corner without a fight with a TC. This news network normally wouldn't want to belittle our own sponsors, but maybe next time we could get a defensive plan consisting of a bit more depth than "We're dropping the NAP tonight, get into position" followed a few hours later by "Proximak is attacking, everyone attack everything"! Strategic planning aside, C0ntrol3r was still a diplomat at heart, and he got a 4 man minor alliance that had positioning near the bottom left GT of Libra to go out of the server with a bang. DD1, consisting of around 3 or 4 people, go all-in against an ARR GT they had seized from TTS early in the server, but ARR had got a 40 stack doom fleet on board! Those of you who have been with us since the beginning of Omega can probably guess four semi-casual people are not nearly enough to crack a fully defended GT.

Also on the same day, sp2danny and multiple gatos pilots hit utione's fleets on an SM FOB sitting all by its lonesome, wiping him out in around 200k xp of fighting. This allows ARR to take utione's GT off of his hands in libra without a fight, but by then, PEN was finally sending in stations for some trading! ChangLeeHu lands just before ARR can TC the station, setting the stage for a dramatic claim push showdown in the final hours of the server. PEN also had some stations on the way for SM's other two GT's. If only we had just done this from the start, folks! At any rate, Dumptruck and the rest of the SM News Network's carriers fall in the middle of the map, as while our sabotage strength was enough to keep almost all of the missile batteries intact, the actual fleets from sp2danny and Proximak are enough to finish off the main fleets. monster11 of SM manages to embarrass RabidClown and Canario at his stations, but with a ship production advantage as big as ARR's, any fight was likely a good fight in their eyes!

At last, the final day arrived. Five GT's were in contention! SOB member Lukie had managed to steal a station right under ARR's nose and stack it with defenders in the middle of SOB space, but neither side had ships in position to outmatch the other, so it became a claim war. Autopsyz also took advantage of PingPong's fleet positioning, wiping out the small group of defenders he had on the northwest GT, and putting down a base right next to SOB's former GT for some claim push attempts of his own. ChangLeeHu and Dantelian were have a claim duel to the death over utione's former GT, this very news network had two TC's on the way to the NamesAreForNoobs GT, and a smattering of random ARR fleets was heading for one of the GT's in SM space that had been handed off to PEN. It would shape up to be quite the nail biter, as it was 13 to 11 in ARR's favor at this point!

In the end, Autopsyz comes up a few achivements short of being able to build up his base in time to get enough claim strength to outmatch PingPong. It came down to the final minutes! Lukie, however, wins his GT claim push attempt, as SOB sabotage the fortress ARR needed to maintain their claim. After some fierce discord politics subchannel PvP between ChangLeeHu and others concerning an unprovoked attack from YAR member KENJIRU, ARR lose their patience, and settle the issue by tearing up their NAP with PEN in the final hour of the server. They bomb out Chang's bases, taking that GT off the table! However, the GT deep in SM territory was apparently never on the table to begin with, as ARR's long range fleets prove totally insufficient to remove the base of SM member Manvis! Alas, the SM News Network wasn't able to get an interview with NamesAreForNoobs, as he placed two new bases worth of fortresses all over his front lawn. How are we supposed to claim push against that in the final one minute of the server? At any rate, with the last minute acquisition by SOB sub-alliance member Lukie, the final score is ARR 12, PEN 11, and BAC 1.

Final Thoughts and Thanks

With the history settled, let's give our usual server shout outs! The SM News Network awards MVP status to Proximak of ARR. You'll find his name coming up constantly in the daily broadcasts, and for good reason! This pirate was all over the map at every stage of the game, and it's not hard to understand why he's a mile ahead of everyone else in multiple personal score categories, PvP related and otherwise! While the numerous members of ARR certainly pulled their weight, Proximak just seemed to pull that much more nearly everywhere.

Our valued audience, as always, is one of the most important partners to a good news network we could ever have! We received important tips and information from SOB members Integrity, TheFlyingCircus, and CTActual. From TTS, Briachardi, TeddyD, and Sandman_Fry shared what they knew a few times. From ARR, it seems like they really knew how to work the media, Afreeq, Odonin, nolanders, AllCoastal, feazeyu, and Chobo helped out. Seriously Allcoastal, I could have sworn the map said it was Geist who blew up your base, not the other way around! From PEN, Juutilainen forwarded the SM News Network what PEN knew, while MercinyahOD would later join PEN after helping us out with the super early game intel on how TTS was removing their THK-like resistance from Legion sector. And, as always, we have to thank our sponsors this server SM for providing their vision for us!

The server battle record goes to Dumptruck and the extraordinarily skilled internet spaceship warrior and SM News Network staff member, LagAvenger! We'd pat ourselves on the back harder, but you people have made us work so hard preparing this broadcast I'm running out of hand strength here. The pair resisted Chobo's gigantic hammer fleet for 242307 xp and kept the logistics hub up with our two groups of recon fleets. Ultimately, ARR's numbers would win the day after a few more battles, but at least we made more of ARR's ships worth building in the end!

The server was an unexpected throwback to an old map while Solid Clouds developer Yngvi prepared a new one to replace MM, but all in all, the participants seemed to have a more or less good time! Maybe not TTS, but short of putting every alliance in an invulnerable cage for the first two weeks, this reporter doesn't think there's much of anything a map maker could do to keep people happy if the main problem is outrage at other alliance's diplomatic choices. Despite the constant harping by the player base that the small size requires all-day attention, the fact is, there seems to be a big group of people both on this map and perhaps on O9 who are willing to play that much. Perhaps it wouldn't be out of the question to put this map or one very similar to this in regular rotation to keep all-day internet spaceship warriors happy?

Final Rankings

And now, we're finally on to the standings, as this final broadcast of Omega S8 is coming to an end! We'll be starting up broadcasting shortly on td1 around 8 days into that server, so tune in soon!

Proximak, the server's MVP, takes first place in game score by a wide margin, as ARR also take the 2nd through 4th spots. TheFlyingCircus, SOB's strongest fighter by far, also had impressive depth to his ship counts, repeatedly fighting ARR with large fleets. Proximak also takes Battle and Empire scores by a big amount, but ARR just can't seem to get a total wipeout of the competition in any of the three major categories, with one person interfering with the standings each time! The activity score is once again occupied by a lot of people who just didn't do all that much. Wayner's blueprint farming solo alliance ran missions the whole server to claim his spot, while Eisenbeiss of AI only had one chance to mount a defense against PEN, and he missed it without participating actively in PvP!

Proximak is top in Navy points after being first to the valuable +6 shipyard ring in the middle of the map, which he spearheaded the colonization of on ARR's behalf. He just barely tops DumpTruck in level, but surprisingly, isn't in the top 5 in building points at all. Instead, Manvis of SM, who had one of SM's larger sized hammer fleets, is on top by a fairly decent margin.

The less important rankings here don't seem to be telling much of a story this time. Cebramik's augment totals seems pretty sus if you ask me, but at least this time we didn't have a do-nothing player with first place in plasma. wehrlepk was only known to help SOB once, but it was a good fight, with a big sacrifice on his part to help whittle down ARR's first invading FOBs alongside TheFlyingCircus' attacks.

JohnWard of PEN was their head sabotage pilot, while Hellraiser and c0ntrol3r often assisted PEN's invasion with long distance sabotages strikes on TTS. nolanders and allcoastal were also super active sabotage pilots for ARR, though both of them took some major damage near the end upon tangling with the SM News Networks sabotage defense crew! With PvP as intense as we saw this server, we've got no way to tell if those loot totals came from PvP or PvE, though we suspect TheFlyingCircus may have dipped into quite a few ice belt NPC resource piles given the location of his station cluster. And there's Wayner with his enormous lead in missions, which explains his #1 rank in activity! Some people seem to think this is Missionborne, the game where you force LagAvenger to come back at the end of every server to figure out how someone who had zero influence on the server's outcome got first place in something. You mission runners do know you're also allowed to play the rest of the game too....right?

There's proximak leading the attack standings, and look there, ARR finally manage to clean sweep a category! This news network doesn't believe we've seen this since EGN's overpowering performance on O7. But It's ARR's rivals who seem to be dominating on defense, as they had to bear the brunt of ARR's activities! As for bombing, PEN had no shortage of targets as they burned their way through TTS space, it's honestly a surprise more of them aren't in the bombing top 5!

ARR may have crushed it in game score and overall alliance activity level, but in the end, the server was still a relatively close call! SM and PEN were neck and neck in game score up until the final hour, with PEN just barely squeaking their way into second before the end.

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