Patch b2.21 - Change Log | Starborne

Patch b2.21 - Change Log

Wed Sep 29 2021 (Updated: Wed Sep 29 2021) - 1 min read


Rule Changes

Applicable to Pocket Warfare #2 and onwards.

  • The map Pocket Warfare has been balanced a bit.
  • MIC Offices now reduce the time to build capitals and heavy ships by 1% per level, down from 2%.
  • MIC Offices now award 1 empire fleet slot at lvl 10.
  • Resources cost of heavy and capital ships adjusted to increase the cost of the main resource.
  • Viva la Resistance! is now available at level 40 instead of level 65.


  • The movement panel doesn't display the non-allied movements anymore by default.
  • The alliance lockdown indicator has been reactivated in the Politics panel.


  • The stargate doesn't apply the bonus twice on return scheduled movements.
  • The combat report now show defenders and outposts again.
  • Docking permissions can be changed.
  • The movement arrow in the fleet panel is now in the proper place.
  • The toggles for showing the movements now match their description.
  • Construction Plans applies the correct time reduction to specialization buildings.