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The End of an Era - Congratulations to Tournament Winners

Thu Jan 30 2020 (Updated: Mon Dec 14 2020) - 3 min read


With the Tournament drawing to a close and the dust settling, victors emerge! We are proud to congratulate the Big Bang Coalition – formed of Dark Matter, Singularity, Super Massive and Gravity on their resounding victory in what was an action-packed 8 weeks!  

[The first, second and third place Coalition rewards]

The lines already drawn in the sand – there was little time to exchange pleasantries or entertain diplomatic talks… Fierce fighting erupted from day 5 as players began to shrug off their beginner protection. Ambitious expansions became areas of contention as the groups began looking towards their least favorite neighbors. Mighty industrial powerhouses on all sides were eager to get in on the bristling conflict. FOBs – warp-capable, forward operating bases – were stacked with fleets and armed to the teeth before being summarily jumped into hostile territory. Battle raged on!

Next up we have the Galactic Authority taking Second Place. Comprised of heavy-weight Zorka alongside Astral Rage, Orion Pirates and the alpha-9 mainstay: the Flat Universe Society. Holding out and providing plenty of content but simply not maintaining the Grand Terrestrial or Dyson Shell levels required to compete with the leaders’ astonishing 111 Victory Points!

To say this server played out without any woes or drama would be an understatement. Week 4 saw the top ranking player of EGO take the explosive way out in self-destructing all his stations – some sources site burnout while others hint at internal political trauma… 

[The rank 1 player at the time, Eltagg deciding to take the explosive way out]

And last but not least, bringing up a very respectable third after taking the brunt of the aggression from the Big Bang Coalition we have The Hegemony; led by alliances: Keep your Secrets, Winged Hussars, Element Zero and Et. Gal. Oligarchy!  

[Reward for surviving to the bitter end!]

We would like to extend a massive thank you to everyone who has played not only in this server, but over the many alpha iterations we have had. As a token of our gratitude we are awarding everyone who participated with both a unique avatar and background.

[Portrait and Avatar for all participants!]

Everyone who survived through until the bitter end and held on with at least one Station surviving on the map after 8 weeks will receive a unique claim painter. After our second community round-table we decided that we will also be rewarding everyone who logged in, who had 3 stations or more, within the last 3 weeks: a 30 Day Premium permit! And of course, last but not least, there are the three additional claim painter cosmetics for the winning 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place Coalitions!

As always, fly safe out there on the frontier commanders. Watch this space for upcoming Beta announcements and a more in-depth after-action-report of the Tournament to follow!