Welcome to The Event Horizon | Starborne

Welcome to The Event Horizon

Thu Nov 25 2021 (Updated: Thu Nov 25 2021) - 1 min read

It’s time to explore another new map, and this time the name of the game will be expansion! Here’s what to expect from Event Horizon:

  • All Commanders will start in the center of the map, surrounding a massive black hole
  • Following its reception from CrossFire, we'll once again be offering 10 extra infrastructure points as login rewards. Watch for them on days 8 and 15
  • Increased resources across the board to bolster your growing empire
  • Updates to the FOB buildings – including new flavor text and whole new building option to support your alliance's advance

Will you escape the Event Horizon and claim galactic dominance? Find out when the server goes live at 16:00 GMT today. Good luck Commanders, we hope to see you out there!