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Atlas Syndicate - Background Briefing

Tue Aug 02 2022 (Updated: Tue Aug 02 2022) - 4 min read


Background Briefing for Trusted Clients/Private Dissemination
Cypher Key #TI-725AM290MIC584#
Security Level: 4 [3 if Nightcorps info expunged]
Last Updated: 6.01.2420
Access granted by: EDL (FA-SE)

Executive Summary:

   Formed in 2300 from the largest megacorporation merger of all time, the Atlas Syndicate is technically the youngest of the major factions on the Frontier. Originally created as an economic champion for Lunar interests in the Sol System and beyond, Atlas has consequently enjoyed the backing of the Lunar Directorate for most of its history. While it now operates largely as an independent entity, Atlas nevertheless still shares many of the same values as the Directorate, preferring formality in its operations and maintaining a strict internal hierarchy.

   Today, Atlas is a major player in the galactic economy, and its subsidiary Atlas Bank represents the largest financial institution in human history. However, beneath their outer facade of glitter and prestige, Atlas is also responsible for the creation of Nightcorps: a ruthless espionage agency at the heart of the Syndicate’s slowly expanding intelligence network.

Faction Goals & Values:

   Atlas prefers to cast itself as a beacon of rationality, and the universal standard for sound corporate governance. Although it has a hand in almost every facet of the galactic economy, the Syndicate specializes in corporate law and financial services, providing representation for private entities and governments alike. Atlas Bank is the largest financial institution in human history, and its directors wield an enormous amount of influence over political and economic decisions in the Lunar Directorate and beyond.

   While the Syndicate prides itself on formality, attention to detail, and reasoned decision making, it is not above getting its hands dirty. Atlas makes a point of working with everyone, regardless of their affiliation, and though they take pains to cultivate an air of neutrality their ambition is clear: complete domination of the galactic market to ensure maximum profit. Atlas' vast financial resources allow them to fearlessly wade into ventures that smaller entities would shy away from, and its elite security forces and military hardware represent a significant deterrent to any physical obstacles or resistance.


   The internal slogan “Pecunia sit Potentia” (“Money is Power”) not only sums up Atlas’ status as a financial powerhouse, but also underscores the Syndicate’s confidence in its ability to direct the course of galactic history. Syndicate employees often revel in the prestige of their occupation, openly sporting the company logo with unabashed pride.

   Much like the Lunar Directorate that created it, Atlas is a fierce meritocracy. Employees with promise are identified and vetted at an extremely young age, and those who shine brightest are groomed for work higher up the corporate hierarchy. This preoccupation with promoting the “best and brightest” has allowed the Syndicate to remain extremely competitive in the financial and commercial markets. Also for this reason, Atlas personnel tend to have a very high opinion of themselves. "Flattering the Atlas ego” is generally considered best practice when dealing with them, though the Syndicate’s devotion to sound financial reporting and following the rule of law means that this tactic offers only a minor advantage in negotiations.

   Atlas prefers elegant design in its products, branding, and employees. Sleek, professional, and refined, the Atlas aesthetic can be described as “corporate chic,” and has shaped trends in everything from architecture to fashion across the galaxy. Demanding a high level of decorum and professionalism from its millions-strong workforce, Atlas employees are encouraged or required to receive a number of professional implants. This includes the distinctive "Atlas Eyes," an ocular enhancement that serves as an ID, security badge, link to the Syndicate's internal communications network, and tracking device - allowing superiors to monitor their subordinates even from afar.

Political and Social Organization:

   While the Atlas Syndicate focuses primarily on legal and financial services, it is a sprawling organization that includes numerous subsidiaries, each fulfilling different functions within the Syndicate. At the center of it all is the Atlas Corporation, which functions as the "umbrella" agency responsible for managing most of the outlying operations. It's led by the current President Terrence Sharma and his board of directors.

   Chief among the Syndicate's operations is the Atlas Bank. As the largest financial institution in the history of humanity it provides loans to commanders, governments, and entire factions alike. While technically only one offshoot of the Syndicate, the Bank provides Atlas with an enormous amount of political power and myriad of professional connections to help bolster their ongoing growth.

   As a last point of interest, Atlas' largest independent subsidiary, Nightcorps, is unique in that its affiliation with the Syndicate is a carefully guarded secret. It serves as the backbone of Atlas' information network, allowing them to offer information brokering and espionage services second only to those of the Tianchao Clan in quality. Outside of its obvious value in generating revenue, Nightcorps' services also enable the Syndicate to make business decisions with excellent, and oftentimes classified, intel.

Technology and Specialities:

   As the galaxy’s foremost provider of legal and financial services, the Atlas Syndicate has commercial interests in almost every sector of the galactic economy, which is reflected in the versatility of their fleets. Atlas’ connections with Nightcorps as well as its extensive use of predictive AI gives the Syndicate an edge in anticipating and responding to shifts in both the market and the battlefield.

   This skill is supplemented by access to some of the most advanced scanning systems in the galaxy. In combat, Atlas forces are supported by one of the finest logistical teams in human history, alongside some of the best equipment money can buy, giving them a lot of versatility. Earned or not, the confidence of Atlas commanders is unmatched.