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Feature Spotlight - Conquest

Thu Apr 11 2019 (Updated: Tue Dec 15 2020) - 4 min read

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Hello, Commanders! With less than a week to go, we wanted to showcase the Conquest mechanics coming in Alpha 9. This new feature includes a new class of ship that will change end game warfare. Hope you remembered your breach charge!

As with the Dev Log series, values discussed in this article may change prior to the launch of Alpha 9.

New Ship: Troop Carrier

Alpha 9 introduces a new mechanic that we know is much anticipated – capturing stations. The conquest feature utilizes a new ship called the “Troop Carrier”. Before we discuss mechanics and tactics, let’s take a look at its attributes:

  • Speed: 3 hex/hr
  • Hit Points: 1000
  • Firepower: 400
  • Cargo Space: 100
  • Station Capture: 20 (per Troop Carrier)
  • IP Cost: 10 Infrastructure Points
  • Material Cost: 40,000 Metal, 40,000 Gas, 40,000 Crystal
  • Labor Upkeep: 20
  • Build Time: 240 minutes

Station Capture Defenses

Troop Carriers do not automatically capture stations upon surviving a victorious assault. Station Capture is a new type of power measurement to determine if a boarding operation is successful. After all, what good is a station if there isn’t anyone around to defend it? Stations will get their Capture Defense from:

  • Station Level: +40 per station level (160 at station level 4)
  • Module Card: +40
  • Capital Station Bonus: +100

That means that the highest Capture Defense possible would be 300, consisting of a level 4 capital station with the station defense card equipped. That’s quite a large number, and attempting to take over such a station in one attack would be a significant challenge. Luckily, we’re implementing a new set of combat mechanics for Troop Carriers.

Starborne Troopers

At first glance, it may seem like an insurmountable task to break through 300 Station Capture Defense. However, this is where the new combat mechanics kick in:

The Assault

  • Capture Defense is effectively a separate type of Hit Points on a station.
  • After a standard assault, surviving Troop Carriers apply their Station Capture value as damage to the station’s Capture Defense.
  • If a station’s Capture Defense reaches 0 (or lower), ownership of the station transfers to the owner of the attacking Troop Carrier.
  • Stations passively regenerate 1 Capture Defense per hour until the cap is reached.
  • A station with less than the full amount of Capture Defense will display its remaining Capture Defense value under the station name on the map.
  • Troop Carriers can repeatedly attack the same station (provided it survives the assaults!).
  • The Infrastructure Points used to build a Troop Carrier are refunded if it is destroyed (as if a station has been destroyed).
  • On capturing a station, the IP used to build the Troop Carrier is not refunded.
  • A single Troop Carrier is consumed if a station is successfully captured.
  • Multiple players can launch their Troop Carriers in one coordinated Alliance Assault.
  • Both Player Stations and NPC Stations can be captured.
  • Alliance Stations (incl. FOBs) and Dyson Spheres cannot be captured.

Capturing the Station

  • Alliance Assaults have an option to designate who receives ownership of the station if it is successfully captured.
  • A newly captured station will have half of the maximum Station Capture Defense Points of that station.
  • Unique buildings and outposts will be removed upon capture.
  • Non-unique buildings and outposts will remain intact.
  • Buildings in captured Capital Stations will be reduced to level 10 (if they were higher).
  • Module cards equipped on the station return to the original owner, as if it had been destroyed.
  • Normal station cards will be destroyed upon capture.
  • Surviving ships in the hangar stay in the station and become the property of the new owner.

Conquest Cards

  • Viking Squadron (Epic Fleet Character; 24h): +20 Station Capture
  • XAOC Strike Team (Legendary Fleet Character; 24h): +40 Station Capture
  • Disarmed Garrison (Station Module): +1 Capture Defense Regeneration
  • Space Marines (Station Module): + 40 Capture Defense

Kick The Tires And Light The Fires

With Grand Terrestrials becoming even more important in Alpha 9, we wanted to ensure that it is viable to invest heavily in GT stations. Not only will players reap the benefits of the Grand Terrestrial resources, but they’ll ensure that the station cannot be captured by a small roaming force of Troop Carriers. It will often be more viable to capture a level 4 station on a Grand Terrestrial than to destroy it and build a level 1 station in its place.

Troop Carriers do cost 10 Infrastructure Points to build, so they’re a very costly option in the early and mid games. The end game is where they will really shine, as players will have the means to eliminate defenses beforehand and can spare the 10 Infrastructure Points. Forward Operating Bases will be vital in the conquest effort – in both offense and defense – so be sure to plan their movements wisely!

The Conquest mechanics were inspired by the community feedback from Alpha 8. We are extremely thankful to all of our supporters for helping continue to make Starborne truly great. There are more Feature Spotlights to come, so stay tuned!

Alpha 9 launches on Monday, April 15th, 2019

Fly Safe, Commanders!

-Starborne Dev Team