First Dead Zone Season | Starborne

First Dead Zone Season

Fri Sep 04 2020 (Updated: Mon Dec 14 2020) - 2 min read

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Starting on the Saturday 12th of September, we will be embarking Dead Zone – the three hour game mode of Starborne – on to it’s first ever Season. Games will be open to everyone; as the gates are truly being flung open wide for all seeking galactic dominance in this high intensity RTS experience.

The season will run for eight weeks and culminate in a round of Finalé matches. Players can jump into as many games as they wish, practice a new strategy or shoot for the first place position. Only your top five scoring matches will count towards your final score at the end of the Season.

The Factions

Dead Zone features four entirely new Factions to choose from. Each will vastly alter your playstyle and how you react to your friends, enemies and neighbours in game!

Each faction can select one of five policies which are locked for the duration of the match. The replayability this offers was key in terms of design and ensuring each weekend plays out differently from the last.

Scoring and Prizes

At the end of each match, players are ranked by their total Victory Points (claimed hexes plus any strategic victory hexes they own). Points are then awarded accordingly:

1st Place – 10 Points
2nd Place – 7 Points
3rd Place – 6 Points
4th & 5th Place – 5 Points
6th to 10th Place – 2 Points

Participation: 3 Points

All players will have their total scores tallied and a Rankings page will be made available for all to see. And of course, a Season needs a pretty fantastic prize so we are offering the overall Seasonal Winner – with the most points at the end – the chance to have a Portrait of themselves immortalised in the game, forever!

Player Chieftain finds himself as the target of a vicious Night Corps radiation attack, losing a lot of territory in the closing moments of his match.

Want to get involved?

Games will be launching to demand on Saturdays from 14:00 GMT onward, so keep your eyes peeled in the Starborne Launcher for the new Dead Zone tab when selecting your server.

And of course, hop on over to our official Discord, where you can chill with the devs and awesome community to get all your Sovereign Space and Dead Zone news straight from the source!