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Frontier Legion - Background Briefing

Tue Jul 05 2022 (Updated: Mon Jul 11 2022) - 4 min read


Background Briefing for Trusted Clients
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Last Updated: 04.03.2420
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Executive Summary:

   An offshoot of one the earliest interstellar colonies, the Frontier Legion is a force for stability in the outer reaches of human civilization. Valuing its independence from the major political blocs of the Sol system, the Legion provides mercenary services to thousands of paying customers across the Frontier.

  The Legion commits itself to the ideals of colonial autonomy and security, and seems to hold itself to a high standard of integrity. After six decades spent as nomadic mercenaries, the Legion finally regained control of its home in the Ain system, as well as command of the system’s Dyson Sphere. From this central base, their disciplined troops, advanced military hardware, and innovative tactics have established the Legion’s reputation as an elite fighting force not to be underestimated.

Faction Goals & Values:

   As an organization, the Frontier Legion highly values its independence, free from what they view as the scheming and petty squabbles of the Lunar Directorate, Martian Commonwealth, and Union of Sol. Starting out as a mercenary force along the Frontier, the Legion is now one of the largest and best-equipped private militaries in the galaxy. It specializes in providing elite corporate and colonial security, allowing the Legion's paying clients to operate without fear in remote and lawless regions of space.

   Despite its roots as a colonial militia, the Legion rejects authoritarianism, instead working to maintain peace and security for those in need. Viewing piracy and the “dog-eat-dog” nature of other factions as antithetical to human progress, the Legion sees itself as a champion of individual autonomy and colonial self-determination.


   The Frontier Legion prides itself on its military accomplishments. Legion troops are expertly trained, and are expected to maintain a high degree of professionalism and discipline at all times. There is a zero tolerance policy for any action that might bring disgrace to the Legion, and personnel suspected of such crimes are tried, convicted, and punished in rapid order.

   Valuing practical military necessity above all else, the Legion’s soldiers as well as its administrative and command staff spend most of their time in uniform. Although there is a great respect for the chain of command, troops and commanders alike enjoy an easy camaraderie, often sharing the same living spaces and common areas. Underpinning the Legion’s working culture is an enduring commitment to self-determination.

   The Legion’s founding ethos is to uphold and protect the dignity and sanctity of civilian life. They will accept protection jobs for almost any client, but won’t engage in aggressive action before thoroughly assessing what they consider the morality of the contract. To the Legion, providing their security services is not just a business, but also a way to improve the situation of those they view as hardworking, honest civilians.

    The Legion’s prefabricated facilities are modular in nature, allowing them to be constructed easily and just as quickly dismantled. When dispatched on assignment, a Legion force is expected to erect a mobile command position within a matter of hours. Although ever-present on the Frontier, the Legion does not establish permanent bases on colonized worlds, instead operating primarily from temporary space structures in contracted systems.

Political and Social Organization:

   The Frontier Legion is organized much like a traditional military, with a strict chain of command and position determined by rank. Each individual legion is assigned a number and led by a Legatus, who in turn reports to the High Command. Situated on a massive space station in the Ain System, the Legion’s High Command is made up of the Primus (the “First among equals”) and their Chiefs of Staff, chosen from among the Legati. Individual commanders are empowered to take action when the situation demands, but the military contracts that form the backbone of the Legion’s finances are always signed by the High Command.

   Within the Ain System, the Legion is the major economic and cultural entity, though not the sole political actor. On the planet, there is a robust and thriving local democracy, one which values the protection offered by the Legion while remaining independent from it. In turn, interested young men and women on Ain Prime are almost guaranteed a position within the Legion when they come of age. There is a near-symbiotic relationship at play, with the Legion operating as the military and economic engine of the system and the Ainish people animating its operations.

   The joy found in freedom and self-expression that is so heavily emphasized by Ainish culture is also central to the Legion's internal narrative. Outsiders from every corner of the galaxy are welcome to enlist, with formal admission offering a “clean slate.” Officers and legionnaires alike spend much of their off hours together, sharing sleeping, eating, and recreational spaces and activities. This unique culture helps to foster the legendary morale of the Frontier Legion, as each member of a unit has at least a cursory personal connection to every other. Brothers and sisters-in-arms, they are ready to lay down their lives for one another, regardless of rank or title.

Technology and Specialities:

   The Frontier Legion is equipped with some of the most advanced military hardware in the galaxy. Constantly improving on their technology and tactics over decades of battlefield experience, the Legion boasts a collection of ships and ground units that rival any of the other factions. The strategic focus of the Legion has led to the development of highly capable patrol ships that can function as a system's police force while doubling as frontline ships in case of an incursion.

   In particular, Legion troops are outfitted with cutting edge armor: fully functional inside of an atmosphere as well as in the vacuum of space. The Legion’s counter-insurgency tactics are legendary, with only XAOC strike teams rivaling their ability to board and control enemy vessels. However, whereas XAOC is likely to strip a captured ship clean and enslave its crew, the Frontier Legion abides by its own strict sense of societal responsibility, and commitment to official legal processes.