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Frontiers: Patch notes November 11th 2022

Fri Nov 11 2022 (Updated: Fri Nov 11 2022) - 3 min read



  • New design for Campaign Rewards
  • Updated combat trigger parser
  • Added functionality triggers for equipment and unit management
  • Removed result and loading screens in between tutorial battles
  • Taunt, Stealth & Concentrate Fire now trigger a line targeting visualizer to show which units are being targeted
  • Units with Taunt, Stealth & Concentrate Fire active now have a separate icon indicator on their hex UI to show they are under a targeting effect
  • Visual improvements and refinements to the combat grid textures to reduce aliasing
  • Stealth applies new stealth shader to ships under its effect
  • Optimized combat grid animation code
  • Skills are now clickable in skill upgrade panel
  • Animations added for upgrading
  • Updated all patterns
  • Added support for different types of patterns (Green, green with no effect on origin, and red)
  • Added new pattern visualization in skill upgrade (full-screen animation)
  • Fixed full screen animation interactable area
  • Created new panel to change player name and avatar (Access by clicking the avatar in the homebase screen)
  • Added support for promotional codes
  • Added wallet item preview popup
  • Added side notifications that notify the player of unclaimed rewards and give hints after a combat loss
  • Added special offer pop ups

Transition to animated characters:

Updated the following units to have animated character portraits

  • Ravager
  • Valerian
  • Liberator
  • Hermes
  • Chisel
  • Wrecker
  • Sefuba


  • Small layout fix in upgrade equipment panel
  • Skill upgrade panel UI updated
  • Updated unit portrait assets
  • Added bosses character keys
  • Stretched sidebars in few sections
  • Updated bounty UI
  • Updated UI of loot items
  • System Inbox UI redesigned

Bug Fixes:

  • Taunt, Stealth and concentrate fire now all show appropriate ripple effect instead of pink missing material
  • Energy popup bugs fixed
  • Energy tooltip going off screen fixed
  • Energy tooltip text overflowing issue fixed
  • Dialog corners' color changed
  • Dialog backgrounds changed
  • Bounty images are not white image anymore
  • Affinity loading screen is not a white image anymore
  • Dragging during a camera lerp no longer causes a jump after lerping is finished (both Starmap and Campaign)
  • Clicking on an already selected stage node in the campaign stage selector will now do nothing (no unnecessary FOB warp in or UI refresh)
  • Added more exposed variables for finer grain isometric camera control.
  • Increased starmap camera pan drag speed
  • Fixed starmap bounty portrait order
  • Saturated starmap background and bounty smoke shader
  • Shrunk and repositioned starmap bounties and anomalies
  • Slowed down starmap anomaly particle effect
  • Fixed issues with chapter ordering
  • Changed starmap table geometry to fit with the lighting.
  • Changed and fixed the lighting on the planets in the campaign nodes.
  • Fixed broken ring texture under bounties.
  • Fixed ring texture rendering above asteroids.
  • Fixed click through happening on Starmap Rewards
  • Fixed Double tap of nodes opening two Campaign scenes"
  • “GO” button is now properly localized
  • Fixed description of set bonus
  • Bronze 1 bracket min rating changed from 1700 to 1800
  • Gap between Bronze 1 and Silver 5 brackets normalized
  • Quick tapping on the “Battle” button no longer breaks the game
  • Fixed equipment prospecting popup showing wrong buttons on panel unfreezing
  • Fixed missing icons in currency header
  • Fixed currency header being visible during combat
  • Fixed rank up panel glitch on max level
  • Fixed missing Bounty Node Material
  • Fixed campaign progress labels not updating dynamically
  • Fixed combat info panel not accounting for buffs/debuffs that don't have a duration, but can stack.
  • Fixed combat boss bar status effects being displayed wrong
  • Fixed localization on promo code label
  • Fixed arena league panel
  • Fixed preview item gray out frame
  • Fixed set icon miss match
  • The time left label on the event popup now has more space to avoid text wrapping
  • Fixed popup spam for older profiles
  • Fixed unfreezing already unfrozen dialog causing issues
  • Fixed issues with claiming trigger keys
  • Better multi-box protection
  • Fixed race condition “Claim single contract multiple times"
  • Fixed arena lag when a lot of units are present
  • Fixed the Achievements panel header label not being localized
  • Fixed finishing daily tasks not showing you “YOU GOT STUFF”
  • Fixed unit reward items showing rank indicator before being revealed
  • Fixed an issue with the days-since-last-login trigger
  • Live events are now ordered by status then date
  • Enable fallback currency font
  • Increased the time that notifications are displayed from 4 seconds to 6 seconds
  • Challenge completed notifications now show the challenge description
  • Moved the side notifications to the upper left corner of the screen
  • Increased the size of the notifications
  • Notifications are now queued up during tutorials and displayed at the end
  • Fixed issue with opening star rewards through side notifications
  • Updated the affinity loading screen and triangle to state chemical instead of plasma
  • Playtime rewards label in the homebase now changes lines based on the time left
  • Crit Rate and Crit Boost now show up during equipment preview
  • Prices in the store are now displayed localized and with tax based on location
  • Various bug fixes

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