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Gelecek - Background Briefing

Tue Oct 25 2022 (Updated: Tue Oct 25 2022) - 4 min read


Background Briefing for Trusted Clients
Cypher Key #TI-211CY220FTR438#
Security Level: 3
Last Updated: 31.3.2419
Access granted by: EDL (FA-SE)

Executive Summary:

As the only organization in possession of Translocation technology, Gelecek announced its arrival on a galactic scale by teleporting Bizim, their planet-sized artificial home, thousands of light-years in the blink of an eye.

A company dedicated to radical ideas and fringe technology, Gelecek is known for its excellent line of commercial androids, communication methods, and the creation of “artificial consciousness.” Committed to extending the boundaries of human knowledge, Gelecek pursues research in everything from entanglement theory to xenobiology. Often labeled unconventional or downright strange, Gelecek relishes its reputation for walking the line between the state-of-the-art and the bizarre.

Faction Goals & Values:

Gelecek is one of the leading technology corporations in the galaxy. Steeped in a culture of bleeding edge and unorthodox research, Gelecek regularly sinks vast amounts of money into experimental projects such as artificial consciousness, xenobiology, and quantum communications. The corporation is willing to incur tremendous losses on the promise of future returns. Their ambition is to pioneer and profit, to push humanity further in every direction at once.

The company encourages its employees to think and act radically, to follow their scientific passions, and to become agents of change. Internal company structures are often chaotic, with flat hierarchies and self-organized projects.

In recent years, Gelecek has zealously pursued research into the mysterious mechanisms that were found around several black holes and the Tau Scorpii star, believing that these may be linked to alien intelligence.


The easiest way to encapsulate the Gelecek corporation is to discuss Bizim, the headquarters and nexus of the company’s ingenuity.

An earth-sized station alight with the artificial stars of transport shuttles, construction lasers, worker drones, and endless sensor arrays, Bizum makes for a sight like no other. Strung amongst the chaos with nano-plastic tubing are millions of housing nodes for Gelecek employees and contractors.

When docking at port, visitors are welcomed by one of Bizim’s uncanny and often capricious hospitality droids. The semi-sapient guides are as useful as they are irksome, as the station’s interior is no less complex than its superstructure. The hallways between habitat nodes are lined with a myriad array of shops, restaurants, and entertainment complexes. High contrast colors dominate, neon benches and paint-splattered walls clashing with abstract works of art or impromptu engineering projects. The station’s public spaces are littered with relaxation booths, small xeno-flora gardens, and even notices written on archaic materials like paper. Holographic displays blare personalized ads at passersby, and there is a constant hum of robotic activity, human foot-traffic, laughter, and upraised voices.

Those who inhabit Bizim full-time are no less colorful than their environment. Gelecek’s workforce is unabashedly non-conformist. Most, if not all employees, sport some level of cybernetic or biological modification, often of superfluous or decorative nature. These might include LED-eyebrow implants, zebra-striped skin, or the independently controlled tentacles favored by busy multitaskers.

Within Gelecek’s corporate offices a sense of functional chaos predominates: business meetings are interrupted by over-eager software developers without consequence, and it's not unusual to stumble across katlets and other domesticated xenohybrids prowling the hallways. Many employees hold strong opinions on what are typically viewed as niche issues (such as the consciousness-rights movement), which are likely to be openly and heatedly debated on company networks.

High-end androids are recognized as an equal part of the Gelecek workforce. ‘Spot the android’ is a common game for employees to play on guests, as Gelecek models blur the line between biological and technological consciousness. Several Gelecek androids have achieved fame in the fields of business and entertainment, and the company’s research into xenobiology has produced any number of intriguing new specimens for the galaxy’s more adventurous pet collectors.

Under continual construction for decades, Bizim is home to more than one hundred and fifty million people, a hub for countless research projects, and a corporate and commercial center for an entire region of space. Aside from the Dyson Spheres, it is the largest man-made structure in existence, and the greatest symbol of Gelecek’s ambition and unique culture.

Political and Social Organization:

Gelecek hierarchies are flat. Eschewing the complex structures of other major conglomerates, Gelecek largely operates as a single company with a few select projects run as separate start-ups. The company makes use of an internal management tool called ‘Conscious Flow’ in which anyone can propose, discuss, and vote on projects, and through which many of the company’s tasks are delegated and undertaken. Members of the board can be replaced by majority vote at any time through the same tool.

The company is owned by its workers. Employees receive newly generated shares as part of their compensation package, with the shares owned by those who leave the company redistributed among the active workforce. Gelecek workers are not paid a classical salary, but rather enter into a partnership with the company. Living expenses and material needs are taken care of by the corporation, with individual fortunes made or lost in relation to the profitability of a given project.

Technology and Specialities:

Gelecek’s specialties lie in technological and biological experimentation. The company boasts some of the most advanced autonomous AI in the galaxy, the latest of which is the Lotus line of androids. Its expertise in neuro-interface technology has allowed it to create an incredibly diverse array of cybernetic equipment, a market that has only expanded since the company began experimenting with xenobiological specimens. “Cosmetic Genetics” is the latest in a series of high-profile Gelecek successes, allowing customers to splice alien DNA into their genetic code, with all manner of consequences, both physical and psychological.

Thanks to its breakthroughs in artificial consciousness, Gelecek also employs a range of semi-autonomous ships and tools, leading to higher productivity and reduced crew requirements. The company has also done extensive research into the mysterious mechanisms, which eventually led to its discovery of the Translocation Drive technology.

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