Meet the Players: Admiral | Starborne

Meet the Players: Admiral

Wed Oct 14 2020 (Updated: Fri Dec 11 2020) - 2 min read


Jalal ‘Jay’ Soltani goes by Admiral in game

Q: Have you gained friends through our community?
J: I’ve gained several friends through the community! The kinds of friends that will surpass even the duration of Starborne.

Q: Any idea´s for us?
J: I’d like to see a Starborne meetup in the states in the near future, and I’d like more frequent meetup events! You can even do the new short-form game tournament live!

Q: How long have you played Starborne?
J: Since alpha 5

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself.
J: I am an accountant by trade in real life so understanding the economies of scale, and compound return / ROI on any action taken in the game have helped me strategically build my empire, I love Starborne!

Q: What do you like about Starborne ?
J: I enjoy the community, the strategic challenges, the slow investment of time to grow and make calculated risks for victory I also enjoy the politics and tears of my enemies while building a great sense of comradery with my allies.

Q: Your favorite in game moment?
J: My favorite in-game moment was when we had sent several sabotages to a dyson sphere to keep enemy defense ships pinned while an enemy newbie player had sent too many defensive fleets creating a labor supply issue right before our doom attack.

Q: Which enemies or groups were particularly difficult or memorable as opponents?
J: Every major alliance coalition has always proved particularly challenging, however Yngvi’s (Cassius) coalition, the Farmers Union ended up being the greatest challenge during A8 – lol it’s the only time I lost as a coalition!

Q: Which alliances and coalitions have you led or been a part of?
J: I forgot the name of the first alliance I assumed leadership of in A6, but the two big ones were: Singularity and The Core, as part of Discord Federation (DF) and The Big Bang Coalition (BBC).

Q: Do you have anything else you’d like to say?
J: Starborne has a great community of players and for players. Way back during Alpha 5, a few of us envisioned a community culture devoid of toxicity and instead aimed for the sitting with your ‘frienemies’ (Friends that are rivals) to enjoy a board game together. So with every alliance we led, every game we play, we try our best to treat our enemies with friendship and respect only going as far as friendly trash talking as you would among your friends face-to-face. While not all individuals have the capacity to this level of behavior, we are proud to see the overwhelmingly positive feedback and growth of players who have joined the cause to play a game and build friendships even across enemy lines.