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Meet the Players: Feca

Mon Oct 26 2020 (Updated: Thu Jan 28 2021) - 6 min read


Q: How long have you played Starborne?
Almost 2 years now, starting in A8S5 (Alpha 8, Server 5). I found Starborne actively looking for a game like it as the other ones I’d been playing for the last 8 years, their communities had died.

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I’m a 25-year-old married software developer living outside Washington, DC. I’m a complete fanatic when it comes to strategy games of any kind which is best shown by my wall of board games I have at my house. Outside of gaming I play Soccer and Ultimate frisbee, but due to COVID I’ve dropped these team sports in favour of Golf. My strengths certainly lie in my ability to be personable, my willingness to adapt, and being able to bring people together.

Q: What do you like about Starborne ?
Starborne currently offers a social experiment like no other, you’re locked into a 2-Month long, 2000+ player pvp match, and you’re expected to win it with a 20-Player alliance. You really get to know the people you play with often spending several hours each night with them on voice chat. One of the coolest parts of the game is within the fact it’s all based on queues and timers and doesn’t require you to be online to actually play so you end up finding yourself on a team with people from all over the world spanning across multiple time zones and countries playing seamlessly. You will be logging on after work around 6pm to hang out with the Europeans before they go to bed where it’s 10-12pm and Australian/New Zealand players as they are waking up around 8am. It really gives you a new perspective on the world as you learn a lot from all these different cultures, all facilitated through Starborne.

Q: Have you gained friends through our community?
I have gained countless lifetime friends through Starborne and even been able to build our own separate community out of it. As I alluded to in the previous question there is no bounds to the people you can meet in this game. For an example one of my best friends I’ve met in game and co-leaders Branxbro is a German living in Sweden and we started our own alliance with another guy Albendinger a fiddle player from Texas, these are people I would have never even came close to crossing paths with in real life but I was given the opportunity to meet them despite their physical attributes or where they are from and become amazing friends with. I very much look forward to meeting them once COVID ends at the rumoured player party. As well as allies there have been several enemies, people you fight for literally 2 months, that have naturally become friends because of the constant banter and mutual respect you hold for someone after such an extended playtime. At the end of the day we are all on the same Starborne team no matter how much we fight and that is an ideology I have strongly pushed for since the beginning.

Q: Any idea´s for us?
I have been fortunate enough, as many players have, to be in close contact with much of the dev and community teams, one thing I love about Solid Clouds is how open they are with the development of the game. As far as I’m concerned I feel you guys have at least acknowledged any ideas I’ve thrown at you guys so I have gotten to say everything I have needed.

Q: Your favourite in game moment?
My favourite moments in the game come from how slow the meta develops. In any normal video game you could crank out a minimum of 10 rounds of a game in a day, however with Starborne after 2 years of near constant playing I have only finished 7 matches total so so many ideas are still fresh and new players and vets alike are often doing things we have never seen before. One move in particular was by CaptainDiceBear, a random guy who joined our alliance on a whim on a9s10, he started doing things with new stations that I hadn’t even considered before. Much of the time throughout Starborne you are placing stations in relatively safe locations and trying to build them up, he flipped this on it’s head by using them knowing they wouldn’t last as he sent incredibly aggressive stealthed stations with things like Troop carriers and/or recons to either use the TC so he could then immediately capture an enemy station or drop this station next to a enemy FOB and chain sabotage it from this 0 influence station to basically render 80 enemy fleets useless. This later prompted a nerf to how you could raise fleet caps on stations but it was just something I found so incredibly creative for the time that now in hindsight for many players would seem pretty obvious.

Q: Which enemies or groups were particularly difficult or memorable as opponents?
One alliance in particular has always been a thorn in our side, the infamous Zorka or as many people would recognize them, the Russian Coalition. While our alliance Gravity has always pulled through and gotten the win in the end, Starborne is a game of attrition during the 2 months and as you gain a lead many alliances will leave a server and just start over in another basically giving you the win, Zorka has never provided us this luxury and has always fought till the end, making it an interesting game all the way through. You fight for every inch with them, making them both a difficult and particularly memorable alliance for many people.

Q: Which alliances and coalitions have you led or been a part of?
I jumped into the competitive scene after my a8s5 start, with the first server of alpha 9(a9s1). At that time Admiral was the man, he led Singularity(the most well known alliance at the time), was very community focused, and put out all the tutorial videos on YouTube. He had just suffered a hardfought loss on a8s1 and was looking for a win. Branx, Albendinger, and I decided to lead an alliance together and took what guys we had from our previous server and pledged them to help him get the win he deserved on a9s1. From there we created Singularity’s greatest ally, [GVT]Gravity. I was the Diplomatic lead and became the face of the alliance with the leadership tag in-game and Branxbro lead the internal and military operations of the alliance with many people we picked up in that game like Nonnonx, Nhilas, and Jackwatts. We ended up being the number 1 alliance in that game and went on to play in a9s10 as a more casual group called FAB(Fight Against Boredom), tournament server as GVT, b1s1 as GVT, b1s13 as FAB, b1s16 I went and played by myself with EZ, I hosted a community 4 week tournament on b1s21, and now we are on the path to victory as GVT once again.

Q: Do you have anything else you’d like to say?
I want to give a big shout out to everyone I have played with in the past and present, truly any success I have had in this game as a diplomat has been on the back of your hard work and I couldn’t have been happier with the quality of people I was lucky enough to surround myself with. A lot of my recognition as a player in the game has certainly come from filling in the shoes Admiral left when he took a break in the game. After he left Beta was releasing and there were no new tutorial videos on how to play, I decided to take it upon myself as a veteran of the game and at least try and put something out there with the help and knowledge from my alliance. The community response has been absolutely incredible, and I couldn’t be more proud to be part of such an involved and compassionate community in such a ruthless PVP game. As well as that Branx, Al, and I started a podcast that we did for quite some time on Starborne until I rotated into more twitch streaming as I enjoyed the more free-flowing and interactive discussions. The community response has once again been unbelievable and Solid Clouds themselves even got involved with this one letting me hand out keys for the game and having community managers occasionally hopping on voice and even the CEO once. This journey really has been unlike anything I’ve ever experienced and the life lessons I’ve learned from these opportunities to lead and create content have been priceless. I can’t wait to see what the full release of Starborne brings!

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