Patch b2.25 - Change Log | Starborne

Patch b2.25 - Change Log

Wed Jan 26 2022 (Updated: Mon Jan 31 2022) - 1 min read



  • Freighter movement widget will now show resources and units transported
  • Shipyard queue is hidden for stations that cannot produce ships


  • Fixed the edit tab of the alliance movements (build or assault)
  • Allied fleets no longer disappear from station's HUD when departing on movements
  • Fixed the station HUD not refreshing to the current station data
  • Allied stations will no longer show some of their fleets
  • Building now display their accurate tier value on the bombing panel of the combat report
  • Fixed the bombing damage value in the combat report
  • Fixed the reduction of building points against bombing for Tianchao sabotage to 20%
  • Fixed scheduled build/upgrade movements that sometimes were canceled
  • Outpost movement icon now differenciate between upgrade, downgrade and repair for owned movement
  • Fixed the card in inventory incorrect placement
  • Correcting various description errors and typos