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Starborne: Frontiers - The Abyss is open

Fri Oct 06 2023 (Updated: Fri Oct 06 2023) - 3 min read


Highly anticipated and long-awaited, The Abyss is ready to be explored, and is opening Monday, October 9th.
As you traverse The Abyss you will face tough bosses, strategic challenges, and risk-filled decisions waiting to be made. Brave these challenges and be handsomely rewarded.

Join us as we dive into the Abyss together for the first time, and let us know what you think!


  • Introducing: The Abyss
  • A seasonal game mode with unique challenges and rewards.
  • Commanders can choose from two difficulties, Normal(unlocks after Normal campaign) and Hard (unlocks after Brutal campaign).
    Each difficulty features its own rewards track that gets progressively better the further into the Abyss you delve, but corrupted Gatekeepers and the implacable Harvesters will offer unique tactical challenges for those attempting to delve into the depths.
  • New rewards include the Abyssal Equipment sets which offer new set bonuses, as well as the brand new Implant system.
  • Implants come in three varieties: Minor, Major and Ultimate, and offer unique customization options that will propel your units to new levels of power.
  • A new milestone system will track your Abyssal progress and offer powerful rewards as you progress through the layers.
  • Special encounters award unit fragments.
    Collect enough and earn Legendary units, like the all-new Incinerator
  • New Feature: Fusion
    Part of the recruitment menu, This feature allows commanders to combine several units into more powerful ones, and even resulting in Legendary units.

    Among the units commanders can earn this way, we introduce a Legendary unit exclusive to Fusion: Tygr
  • Another one!
    Commanders are now able to recruit Lodolite using Specialist, Expert, and Elite beacons.
  • Units can now be quickly upgraded to rank 5 using the workshop.
  • The workshop now has a checkbox allowing commanders to choose whether or not to use mainframes to rank up units.
  • Unit formations are now saved for each Vault affinity version separately.
  • Units can now be rated for the Vault fight as well as part of the unit rating system.
  • A "Link Account" button was added to the settings panel for older external accounts.
  • The wording for critical strike chance and critical power was improved in the Refit menu.
  • The wording for skill targeting has been improved to better describe their functionality.
  • We have added a button to redirect between the Shop and the Market panels.
  • Fresh Bio pages for Bedrock, Custodian, Demolisher, LeSabre, and Redeemer.

UI & Visual Changes

  • New animations were added to pop-ups for the end of Arena Seasons, end of Abyss Seasons, First-time purchases, and Special Offers.
    They look absolutely stunning now!
  • We have added a new tab for Implants in the Unit panel.
  • A new category for the Abyss was added to the Achievement panel.

Bug Fixes

  • The dark overlay in the "wait for multi-battle screen" now respects the phone safe area.
  • Fixed an issue causing the sound settings to change when opening the settings menu.
  • Debuff expiration abilities now properly remove all debuffs that were reduced to a duration of 0.
  • The Unit management panel now opens significantly faster.
  • Reduced the stutter when recruiting 10 units in one go.
  • The loading overlay for transitioning between panels now has a loading indicator if it takes longer than 3 seconds.
  • Fixed an issue causing the UI to sometimes not unload the skill icon sprite.
  • Fixed several causes of crashes and disconnects.

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