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Terran Combine - Background Briefing

Tue Aug 30 2022 (Updated: Thu Sep 22 2022) - 3 min read


Background Briefing for Trusted Clients
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Executive Summary:

One of the oldest independent factions, the Terran Combine was established in 2190 from the merger of several massive conglomerates. Its original purpose was to oversee the construction of the Sol Dyson Sphere, though over time the Combine expanded its operations to include everything from mineral refinement to station maintenance.

Now, the Terran Combine is one of the largest economic entities in the galaxy. As a member of the “Sovereign Six'', the Combine produces trillions of tons of refined materials each year, employs tens of millions of individuals, and represents a significant portion of the galactic economy. An offhand remark from one of the Combine’s Board of Directors is enough to plunge a sector into fiscal chaos. Working with all, the Combine is beholden to none, and cherishes its status as an independent agent of galactic development.

Faction Goals & Values:

The Combine's main priority has traditionally been increasing the quality of their work by reducing waste, both material and physical. This focus on efficiency has led to an equally streamlined management structure. The Combine rewards those who get the job done as quickly and effectively as possible, valuing excellence in design and implementation.

The guiding ethos of the faction can be summarized by the maxim: “function is beauty.” Those who make it to the top of the Combine’s corporate ladder have typically proven themselves as engineers and problem solvers. To the Combine, simple is superior, and no design is finished until there’s nothing left to remove. Similarly, its decision-making process is relatively open, and Combine executives are known to be plain-spoken and forthright.


Streamlined, simple, and largely unadorned, the mood within the Terran Combine is one of no-frills efficiency and a widespread dedication to putting in an honest day’s work. This “working class” sensibility is a result of the Combine’s roots as a mining consortium on Earth. The Combine favors plain uniforms among its workers, and even those at the executive level tend to dress down when not formally addressing the public.

There is a strong tradition of solidarity among the employees of the Combine, dating back to the days when space construction was a potentially deadly occupation, and workers had to depend on each other for safety. After decades of being belittled and exploited by the high society of Sol, Combine employees have chosen to value personal skill over style, wealth, or connections.

Political and Social Organization:

As its name suggests, the Terran Combine started out as a combination of several different enterprises. Starting with mining conglomerate M.E.R.C. and engineering giant Mangold Consortium, many other smaller entities were added or absorbed into the Combine over time. Initially this led to a high degree of “corporate bloat”, with redundancies in several key industries and positions. The determined push to streamline its operations and compensate for this problem would eventually give rise to the Combine’s signature corporate culture.

Today the Combine is run by an appointed CEO, who is answerable to the 12 member Board of Directors. The Combines’ workforce is also organized into several competing unions, each specializing in a different field under the Combine's umbrella, such as space-engineering or mineral refinement.

The strong relationships between corporate management and the workforce's direct representatives has led to the Combine being run more or less democratically, with workers given a high degree of autonomy to debate corporate policy and give input on how to further improve standard processes. It is generally agreed that a job with the Terran Combine is one of the best and most stable in the galaxy.

Technology and Specialities:

The first of the Sovereign Six to successfully complete the construction of their own Dyson Sphere, the Terran Combine is currently one of the galaxy's top players in the field of interstellar transport. Common use of technical augmentation allows the Combine to produce and outfit better outposts than almost any other faction. Similarly, the Combine’s small army of highly skilled technicians offer quick and efficient means for station upkeep and improvement.