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XAOC - Background Briefing

Tue Sep 13 2022 (Updated: Wed Sep 14 2022) - 4 min read


Background Briefing for Trusted Clients
Cypher Key #TI-667DT348SQS216#
Security Level: 3
Last Updated:  13.8.2421
Access granted by: EDL (FA-SE)

Executive Summary:

Born of a Terran resistance movement and forged by insurrection and piracy, XAOC is one of the most feared groups on the Frontier. To them, it is the natural order of the cosmos that the strong should rule the weak, and the ambition of every member of XAOC is to “foot the path”, walking in the philosophical footsteps of their forefathers to claim dominance over others.

Internally, the XAOC movement is divided into a multitude of Houses, each as eager to vie amongst themselves as against the “strays” – their slang term for outsiders who do not share their philosophy. The Enduring Council is the only unifying authority respected across the movement, a permanent body that oversees the use and protection of the XAOC Dyson Sphere.

With a fierce desire for autonomy, power, and wealth, each House foots the path alone, beholden to none and trusting only in their own strength. For this reason, XAOC as a whole thankfully remains scattered, as perhaps the greatest threat to the modern Frontier would be XAOC united.

Faction Goals & Values:

To members of XAOC, strength is the only truth that matters. Houses compete against outsiders and each other alike in their drive for supremacy, often to brutal results. This way of life is conceptualized as “the path”, a creed that calls on all members to challenge adversity, pursue their goals with unyielding determination, and assert dominance over others. It is the ambition of every follower of XAOC to "foot the path", and impress their will upon an ever larger share of the universe.

This ideology has led to a culture built on martial prowess. In the eyes of XAOC, raiding and slaving are legitimate means to prosperity. They consider themselves to be the apex predators of their domain, and a natural part of the ecosystem.

Personal honor and respect for strength forms the basis of the XAOC way of life. A handshake is binding, a slight will be met with retaliation, and only blood pays for blood. As such, meetings between houses often involve complex rituals and demonstrations of respect, and even the smallest perceived slight can ignite a blaze.


Because of the splintered nature of the organization, it is dangerous to make any sweeping assumptions as to the behavior or priorities of any XAOC member you may come across. Individual Houses display their own distinct internal cultures, with the philosophy of The Path sometimes being the only uniting aspect of their identity. Below are a few behavioral trends that have been observed across several of the major Houses, but it is advisable to not rely on them blindly.

Dealing with XAOC means dealing with hunters. The blood red and bone white of their ships reflects this, and is meant as a warning. XAOC does not need to hide; instead they strike first, strike often, and strike relentlessly. Meeting them on the battlefield is akin to fighting off a pack of wolves. They spare no thought for their victims beyond their ability to fight back and their value as a prize.

However, outsiders who have proven their strength may be greeted in XAOC territory with a smile and a surprising degree of generous hospitality. Even then, it’s best to tread carefully, as deadly force is always at the ready.

It is not unusual to see members of XAOC armed with traditional melee weapons such as knives or blades. While these will sometimes act as a last resort for ground troops or boarding parties, they are not usually intended for use during raiding. Training in melee combat is often a point of pride for XAOC warriors, proving they are willing to take their fate in their own hands, and many Houses will settle internal disagreements or leadership disputes through physical duels.

Political and Social Organization:

The Enduring Council was founded to oversee the communal function of the XAOC Dyson Sphere, as well as to act as an arbiter for communication between the major Houses of the movement. It serves in the "neutral system" of Ellac, and consists of seven seats, four of which are held by the Anarchs of the Old Houses of Earth. One seat remains empty, to be awarded to the house that delivers the head of "The Apostate", the Anarch of the former House Osokin. The final two seats are granted to major Houses that have earned sufficient respect through demonstrations of their martial prowess. One common means of claiming such a seat is to defeat one of the sitting Houses in a major battle.

Despite the presence of the seven seat Enduring Council, XAOC is not a unified organization and each House vies for its own fortune. However, one tradition that is present among nearly all Houses are the so-called war councils, where XAOC soldiers gather to freely discuss and challenge strategies for common operations. These councils are free of hierarchy, with those of lower rank able to challenge their superiors. Born from the traditions of resistance movements on Terra, these councils are sacrosanct, and no member of XAOC would ever dare to wield force once in session.

Technology and Specialities:

XAOC specializes in lightning raids and plundering, which is reflected in the advanced designs of their light ships. Another lesser known, but intensely feared, specialization of certain Houses are their boarding teams. These groups, specializing in the slave trade, have placed particular emphasis on their ability to disable enemy ships and penetrate into enemy stations. XAOC strike teams are recruited from among their House’s most capable and loyal warriors. Heavily conditioned through chemical manipulation and intense training, these fighters and their cybernetically connected Exo-Suits are widely regarded as the best in the galaxy when it comes to boarding enemy vessels.