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Alliance station is back with a boom! And specialized FOBs.

Mon Oct 25 2021 (Updated: Sun Jan 16 2022) - 2 min read

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The Alliance station will cost 300,000 of each resource.

On the Alliance station we will have 8 building slots, 2 of those are reserved but 6 slots are for optional buildings.

2 buildings that will start in the Alliance stations are :
- Federal Armory: Allows building of ships in the Alliance station and after day 21 building of heavy and capital ships.
- Century Warehouse: Increases the cargo hold of the Alliance station.

Optional buildings are as follows, each building has 5 levels to complete.

  • TGE Regional HQ: Increases freighter speed by 3 per level and freighter cargo by 10% per level.
  • Zirachi Regional HQ: Increases alliance resource production by 1% per level, cargo hold of industrial fleets by 4 and add 1 speed per level.
  • GC Regional HQ: Increases outpost and buildings hitpoints by 3% per level.
  • Huang's Regional HQ: Decreases the cost of shipbuilding by 2% per level.
  • Gatos Regional HQ: increases the firepower and hitpoints of alliance fleets by 1% per level when attacking.
  • Ataka Regional HQ: Scouts/ Recons gain 0.8 /4 firepower and 4/10 hitpoints when sabotaging per level.
  • Synfonica Regional HQ: Adds 10 bombing to Gunships and 20 bombing to Dreadnoughts per level.
  • RPS Regional HQ: Adds 1 fleet to empire per level and increases the operating limit of the AS by 2  per level.
  • Nightcorps Regional HQ: Gives one spy and 3 spy defense per level.
  • Expedialis Regional HQ: Increases deployment speed for the alliance by 1 and adds 1 credit per hour per level.
  • C.I. Regional HQ: Adds 1 spy and 3 spy strength per level.
  • Romberg Regional HQ: Increases scan radius of probes by 1 and duration by 8 hours per level.

Forward Operating Base will have 3 building slots, 2 optional and they are as follows :

  • Defensive Warfare: Adds 2% firepower and hitpoints to fleets defending at the FOB per level.
  • Swift Warfare:  Adds 0.5 speed per level to fleets operating from the FOB.
  • Covert Warfare: Adds 150 scan strength and 2 scan radius to the FOB and 12 spy defense per level.
  • Intelligence  Warfare: Adds 1 speed per level when performing a sabotage movement from the FOB.
  • Destructive Warfare:  Adds 1,5 bombing and 2 firepower to Patrol ships when attacking from the FOB per level.
  • Offensive Warfare: Adds 1% firepower and 1% hitpoints to all fleets attacking from the FOB per level.

The jump range of the FOBs has been increased to 100 hexes and preparation time increased to 16 hours.  
Deployment bonus towards the FOB has been increased to 20 from 10.

Capital ship assembly will be available on day 10 for all players instead of being awarded at level 40 like before.

MIC Offices will again decrease heavy and capital ship build times by 2% per level and will not award an extra fleet slot.

Increased base build time on heavy and capital ships by 40%, Gunships by 20%, Troop Carrier not changed.

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