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Dev Blog - Abyss Update

Thu Jun 27 2024 (Updated: Fri Jun 28 2024) - 2 min read

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It’s time for the long-awaited dev blog. This time we are covering our upcoming patch which will be released on July 1st. The update includes changes to the Abyss and adjustments to challenges. We can’t wait to share what we have been working on.

Key changes

This is just a small snapshot of the upcoming changes, which will arrive in the next patch. Keep reading to find out more!

  • Changes to normal Abyss difficulty and progression
  • Earn a legendary unit from new Abyss missions
  • Challenges are getting an overhaul

Challenge adjustments

We understand that daily challenges can become repetitive, so we have decided to spice them up a bit. We have added 2 more challenges! Don’t worry though, we know there is only so much time in a day, so we are letting you choose which 5 out of the 7 you want to complete. On top of this, rewards have been updated to fit the new system.

Changes to normal Abyss

We have made some changes to normal Abyss, intended to maintain progression once the campaign is completed. Our goal with this was to complement the tutorial and intertwine the Abyss with the game’s narrative. To create a guided experience, milestone rewards have been replaced by “Main Missions”. This panel features Abyss-related tasks designed to lead players through the Abyss. Tasks can only be completed once, but offer bigger rewards, including the powerful units, Hayyan and Yazid! You will be able to find Main Missions in the new “Missions” panel, which will also be the new home for challenges, daily login rewards, and fleet upgrades. As a result of these changes, the normal Abyss will no longer be seasonal, as it will be specially tailored to fit with the new missions. Additionally, the difficulty of the normal Abyss has been reduced, for a smoother progression curve. This will also allow players to become familiar with the mechanics before venturing into hard mode. Difficulty changes include fewer encounters on lower depths and tuned-down boss fights. Additionally, as encounters can only be completed once, the loot table will also be updated with better rewards.

An example of the new Main Mission revolving around the Abyss

What’s next?

The new changes to the Abyss will be the first step in our mission to create a more balanced experience. There will be further tuning of boss encounters and loot tables in the future. Additionally, we plan to fine-tune cluster-specific bonuses.

Outside of the Abyss, fleet upgrades will be getting some attention for better progression, and a new fusion event will be coming soon!

We have also been working hard on a new global event, which we plan to release around August. This event is designed to unite the community to work towards a shared goal. During this event, players will be challenged to take down Fenri. All kills will contribute to a global progress bar, and when it hits 100%, there will be some special rewards and surprises in store.

That’s all for today’s dev blog. Don’t forget to join the discussion on Discord if you have any feedback. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

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