Feature Spotlight - Alliances | Starborne

Feature Spotlight - Alliances

Thu Dec 08 2022 (Updated: Thu Dec 08 2022) - 1 min read


Among the most important parts of online games that we play with and against each other are the connections we make along the way. They can take fun and interesting gameplay to the next level and take us to exciting places where we create memorable moments together.

With alliances our players will be able to create and join groups of like minded players to enjoy the game together with. Our goal is to allow people to communicate with each other using in-game chat systems, in order to stay up to date, to help eachother out, and to compare their efforts to that of their fellow alliance members.

A preview of the Alliance chat system

We also want to give opportunities to collaborate in alliance activities, like our Siege. A PvE activity that can be completed daily that will yield rewards for the entire alliance. There will be several difficulty levels of this fight, each granting increasing rewards in line with the increased challenge.

A preview of the allaince Siege PVE activity

Alliances will be one of the core systems of Starborne: Frontiers, and we aim to expand the scope of this feature and associated activities as time goes on.
We want being in an alliance to be fun and full of rewards and benefits.
Our game will be filled to the brim with spaceships, but as everyone knows, the best ship is friendship!