Feature Spotlight - Bounties: Fenri | Starborne

Feature Spotlight - Bounties: Fenri

Fri Dec 02 2022 (Updated: Fri Dec 02 2022) - 1 min read


One of the many opportunities you will be faced within Starborne: Frontiers will be Bounties.
A set of uniquely challenging fights, completing each bounty will require a variety of different fleets and approaches to be victorious.

Bounties will also offer access to higher challenge levels. Unlocked whenever you defeat one, each level will feature not just harder versions of these fights, but also potentially better rewards.

Bounty selection

What are these rewards? Gear, and lots of it.
Bounties are the main way to target specific gear sets and the increased difficulty in higher level bounty fights will reward you with higher quality versions of these gear pieces.

One of these Bounties that we want to give you a little glimpse of is Fenri Khaliriz, a vengeful and destructive Marauder who embodies the mindset of "the best defense is a good offense". Wanted for murder, kidnapping, and general destruction, her ship is constructed of weapons strapped to even more weapons.

Spaceship of Fenri Khaliriz

"They say being captured by and turned by Marauders is the worst fate on the Frontier. Every cadet wants to play the hero when they take down a ship, free the prisoners, send 'em home. But I'm telling you now: if you ever find a half-turned on that ship, you shoot 'em then and there. Fenri Khaliriz might know who her enemy is, but she won't rest until everyone in her way is dead, and she doesn't much care who's in the crossfire."
        - Sullivan Richards, Colonial Militia Instructor