Frontiers: Patch notes December 16th 2022 | Starborne

Frontiers: Patch notes December 16th 2022

Fri Dec 16 2022 (Updated: Fri Dec 16 2022) - 2 min read


Fixes & Updates:

  • Fixed Popup notifications blocking input
  • Fixed tapping to close one popup closing all of them
  • Extended nav buttons in Settings and More Info stats popup in Unit Management
  • Replaced flat energy icon
  • Updated design for ToS popup and checking if privacy policy has been accepted before showing it
  • Fixed inability to make store purchases after switching accounts
  • Fixed anchoring of special offer store popup images after they changed sizes
  • Fixed issue where rewards for challenges would get grayed out after claiming the last daily challenge
  • Missing dialog is reintroduced
  • Fixed Characters appearing completely while for a split second when when opening hangar panel
  • Fixed Rarity color banner under name in Unit Management
  • Fixed max level animation sometimes not playing when reaching max level of a skill rank
  • Fixed rank up animations sometimes not playing and blocking all input from the user
  • Equipment Popup is now fully opaque
  • Fixed frame color in set loot items
  • Non-spine characters are now properly positioned on the Victory screen
  • Superfluous last reward preview disabled on the campaign rewards button itself
  • Last reward item in the campaign rewards is now grayed out if claimed
  • Campaign Rewards button now shines when rewards can be claimed
  • Campaign Rewards button now shows if all and last rewards are claimed

  • Fixed issue where some units showed multiple empty skill descriptions during placement
  • Anomaly panel now updates when re-entering panel after combat
  • Disabled bosses rotating to cast buffs/debuffs
  • Fixed unit incorrectly rotating at the end of combat
  • Fixed beam attacks missing targets
  • Fixed beam attacks not fading out
  • Fixed bounty tutorial highlight
  • Fixed header UI appearing in the middle of the screen during transitions of tutorial waves
  • Fixed safe area bugs for SOVA's textbox in tutorial Updated SOVA textures
  • Fixed units not repositioning after using a charged active skill
  • Fixed items from the last combat in Multi-Battle automatically being sold
  • Fixed missing bounty boss avatar next to the hp bar on the second and all subsequent attempts of Multi-Battle