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Starborne: Frontiers - Patch notes February 27th 2023

Mon Feb 27 2023 (Updated: Wed Mar 01 2023) - 2 min read



  • Multibattles no longer reload combat between battles
  • Retrying encounters no longer reloads the combat
  • Added a button in Unit Management to replay the Tutorial
  • Tutorial text visibility improved


  • Alliance Boss hitpoints increased slightly, this also increases the damage needed for the reward thresholds
  • Antimatter Anomaly - The Sunderer attack pattern and behavior changed. Previously targeted first unit of every affinity with a pattern, now targets first unit of every affinity, and starting at Stage 9 also the second unit, with no pattern.
  • Stalwart damage multipliers increased for both the Basic Skill (170% -> 200% on max skill lvl) and Charged Skill (200% -> 230% on max skill lvl)
  • Yuyan damage multipliers increased for both the Basic Skill (140% -> 170% on max skill lvl) and Charged Skill (180% -> 210% on max skill lvl)
  • AEGIS of removed debuffs on Charged Skill decreased from 3 to 2 on max lvl.
    The amount of Shield granted was increased to 30%.
  • Crucialis changed to ignore Shields with both the base damage and the additional damage triggered by critical hits
  • Rys no longer gains Hacking Up with the Basic Skill. The damage multiplier was increased instead and is now 150% at the highest lvl
  • Sokol's Basic Skill damage multiplier increased to 130% at max lvl
  • Debuff extensions no longer extend the durations of Bomb
  • Refine's passive was changed to now provide Incoming Damage Down I for 2 turns instead of Incoming Damage Down II for 1 turn when refitted
  • Valiant's Charged Skill damage was decreased and is now 135% x ATK + 22.5% x ATK x Number of Buffs
  • Overload and Core Charge stacks are now capped at respectively 10 and 25
  • Buff duration increases from skills no longer affect immunities

Added March 1st:
Corrosion damage cap reduced
Corrosion 1 - Unchanged
Corrosion 2 - 30K down to 25K
Corrosion 3 - 40K down to 30K

UI & Visual Changes

  • Bounty bosses now have much-improved attack visual fx
  • The Challenges panel has received a UI update
  • Yuyan and Huanying visual assets were swapped to better represent their rarities

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the multibattle result screen wasn't shown when ending the sequence early
  • Fixed an issue where the rating reward was not awarded properly
  • Fixed the Hard 6-4 Campagin encounter, no more extra help now
  • The duplicated "On Kill" info in Fenri's passive skill description
  • Fixed Stalwart's passive
  • Fixed Heliodor's passive
  • Miscellaneous skill description fixes

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