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Starborne: Frontiers - Patch Notes March 14th 2023

Tue Mar 14 2023 (Updated: Tue Mar 14 2023) - 2 min read



  • Unlocking Features through Campaign progress now shows a pop-up
  • Added a Discord banner & link to the Homebase pop-ups
  • Registering an account now send a confirmation email
  • Account deletion can now be requested in the settings menu
  • Improvements to Offer pop-up logic
  • Improvements to Playtime tracking
  • The "Rate us" pop-up reward changed from Credits to one Expert Beacon.
    Players that have already received rewards in the past will be able to collect this new reward.


  • Bosses are now immune to Lose Charge effects
  • Boss Enrage buffs are now unremovable
  • Antimatter Anomaly: Boss targeting changed to target two of each affinities starting from stage 11 instead of 9.
    Henchmen damage multipliers reduced, patterns reduced and passive damage gain decreased
  • General Colosso given Shield Ignore on all attacks.
    Damage increased on later stages, where he ignores half of his targets' defense
  • Buff and debuff count related damage modifiers now properly add up the count of non-stackable and stackable buffs.
    A buff with multiple stacks is now counted as a single buff
  • Boost set no longer increases the duration of Immunity buffs
  • Units base stats changed.
    Critical Damage focused units now have a little more of it
  • AEGIS - Base HP and Speed increased
  • Grif - Base HP increased
  • Grif - Active Skill targeting changed and is now "All Allies" on higher ranks
  • Grif - Refitted Passive changed to now apply Disable instead of Security Down 3, but to the cleansing enemy, instead of the enemy who was cleansed
  • Hermes - Base HP and Critical Damage increased and Speed decreased
  • Hermes - Charged Active now applies Cheat Death to friendly units at 40% HP or below
  • Sentinel - Base HP and Speed increased
  • Tycho - Block Damage is now only part of the refitted Passive and the duration has been reduced to 1 turn
  • Valerian - Passive skill now also repairs if the DoTs inflicted by them deal damage.
  • Voron - Self-inflicted DoT from Passive skill now damages Shields
  • Faction specific buffs such as Legion Discipline limited to be max tier 2 for Rare and Epic Units. The affected ships are:
    IonScorp, Crucialis, LUXX, Nemesis, Yazid, Arum, Yarrow, Larkspur, Stalwart, Valiant, Gallant, Butcher, Ripper, Sha Xing, Yuyan, Rys, Medved
Xaoc Ship - Picture

UI & Visual Changes

  • New skill visuals added for multiple units
  • Updated unit models and textures for the following units:


  • Forsythia
  • Carnation
  • Magnolia
  • Yarrow
  • Larkspur
  • Arum
  • Snapdragon
  • Anemone
  • Valerian
  • Crocus


  • Krysa
  • Laska
  • Rys
  • Los
  • Laika
  • Nosorog


  • Crusher
  • Wrecker
  • Torcher
  • Demolisher

Bug Fixes

  • Alliance boss progress bar now shows the correct progress percentage
  • Fixed issue with equip equipment challenges requiring the equipment to be the exact level
  • Revenge set S.O.V.A. Guide Challenge changed to now use the new security oriented set instead
  • Fixed the Stealth set to now properly only give 8 turns of Stealth when equipped
  • Anemone - Un-upgraded Active skill pattern icon fixed
  • Zeolite - Basic Active skill level 2 fixed
  • Sokol - Debuff extension fixed on higher skill levels
  • Limited Offers have their artwork again
  • Fixed issue with Shop buttons
  • Fixed issues with pop-up flow
  • Fixed banner being unresponsive

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