Starborne: Frontiers - Patch Notes March 6th 2023 | Starborne

Starborne: Frontiers - Patch Notes March 6th 2023

Mon Mar 06 2023 (Updated: Wed Mar 08 2023) - 1 min read



  • Added info tab to the settings panel displaying Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Server information and Player ID
  • Added Alliance chat announcement for reaching new arena league


  • Alliance Boss loot improved
  • Bounty Mamma Maglienza: Revenge Set rewards replaced with Protection Set
  • Experience rewards increased in Campaign
  • Extra experience gain from Bit License increased
  • Some Platinum Market Purchases are now limited
  • Balance pass for some Special Offers
Preview of the updates Anomaly Panel UI

UI & Visual Changes

  • Updated UI for the Anomaly panel
  • Anomaly minions now have new portraits
  • Updated the Battle Pass UI
  • Claiming challenges that don't give equipment or units now show a side notification instead of large screen popup
  • Update the design of the side notifications
  • Performance improvements to the Challenge UI

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed completing last stage of a Bounty or an Anomaly multiple times spamming Alliance Chat
  • Fixed Playtime Rewards and Daily Challenges failing to reset on daily reset
  • Fixed ship models not animating correctly in the Recruitment UI
  • Fixed chained Charged Skills breaking the combat camera position
  • Fixed a shader that caused performance issues in some campaign and combat environments
  • Fixed multiple issues with Bounty UIs
  • Fixed drop chance popups being off center on some devices
  • Fixed unit portrait not showing when initially opening the Index UI after viewing it in Unit Management
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Admiral Pass to be purchasable multiple times
  • Store offers are now properly ordered
  • Ships are now displayed in the Index - Skills UI
  • Removed the flash(bang) that was accompanying the 'you got rewards' sequence after combat